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      Our People - News

      In December 2019, IPFD welcomed five new Board members - representing a broad array of international stakeholders in dog health, well-being and welfare.

      They include: Bill Lambert, IPFD Vice-Chair, (UK); Dave Eikelberg (USA); Marty Greer (USA); Grégoire Leroy (France); and Barbara Thiel (Germany).

      They join continuing Board Members: Dr. Pekka Olson, IPFD Chair (Sweden); Peter Friedrich (Germany); Kirsi Sainio (Finland); and IPFD Chief Financial Officer Ulf Uddman (Sweden).

      Building on the outstanding work of the initial IPFD Board (Board Members transitioning out at the end of 2019 included: Caroline Kisko (UK), Jean-Pierre Genevois (France), and Patricia N. Olson (USA)), the Board will continue to guide IPFD's work to improve the health, well-being, and welfare of all dogs worldwide.

      The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) is also delighted to introduce Monique Megens as its first Chief Operating Officer (COO).

      See Our People's profiles Here.



      vetrecordarticlejune2019-idhwarticle.png29 June 2019 |VET RECORD - Volume 184, Issue 26
      Improving the health of pedigree dogs

      By Suzanne Jarvis

      "A RANGE of actions are needed to improve the health of pedigree dogs, and multiple stakeholders must be engaged for progress to be made.That was the outcome from the fourth International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW), held earlier this month and hosted by the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) and The Kennel Club in the UK." article:

      This article includes comments made by IPFD's CEO, Brenda Bonnett, The Kennel Club's Caroline Kisko, Dan O’Neill, senior lecturer in companion animal epidemiology at the Royal Veterinary College, and BVA's Daniella Dos Santos - comments focused on stakeholder involvement and actions for dog health, well-being and welfare.

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