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  • What are important health issues in a breed?

    Use the HSDD to get a sense of the international 'picture' of work being done for a given breed. Conditions included in the breed listings are those covered in the Nordic country's RAS & JTO documents, obtained via links to US breed club's use of OFA CHIC testing information, concerns addressed in the UK's Breed Conservation Plans, and from an array of impactful health & welfare tools, programs and initiatives.

    There is a breed-specific component to the frequency of disorders in particular dog breeds or in 'groups' of dogs; for example large sized dogs, working breeds, herding breeds, short-muzzled or short-legged breeds... 'groups' can have similar health disorders or shared welfare management concerns.  Using a breed-specific approach to identify which health issues occur in a breed and how many dogs are impacted by a given condition(s) guides any breed manager's focus and efforts to address and improve the situation for individual dogs and the breeds at large. 

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