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Sound Conformation – The Key to Sound Function: To Be Beautiful Must Be Healthy

    An article about functional anatomy by Astrid Indrebø - One of our DogWellNet Experts pawprint15x15transparent.thumb.png.c1de1

    Discusses bones, joints, teeth, eyes, skeleton,and conformation.



    From the Article:

    "Functionally healthy dogs – that must be the goal of all breeding of dogs. But, is it possible to breed functionally health dogs based on the various breeds’ breed standards, which are the basis for evaluation at dog shows? Of course it is! Dog shows are much more than just a beauty contest –a dog must be healthy to be beautiful!"


    Download the article. by Astrid Indrebø - One of our DogWellNet Experts pawprint15x15transparent.thumb.png.88f13





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