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Eye Health in Dogs|Comprehensive

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About This File

Eye Health in dogs|Comprehensive
Authors: Berit Wallin Håkansson, Text and illustrations, Sheila Crispin, Photographs and concept, Nils Wallin Håkansson, Photographs, concept
This text is a compilation of the long experiences of three Veterinary Ophthalmologists (DECVO). It explains different eye and adnexal problems in dogs that are the immediate result of breeding towards exaggerated breed typical features."


• The normal eye
• Breed typical eye problems
• Critical Control Points
• Exophthalmos, protruding eye
• The blink mechanism and tear film
• Enophthalmos, sunken eye
• Entropion
• Medial
• Lateral
• Upper
• Lower
• Entropion "full circle"
• Eyelid tacking
• Surgical correction (I)
• Ectropion
• Diamond eye
• Macroblepharon
• Surgical correction (II)
• Trichiasis
• Dry eye
• "Cherry eye"
• Keratoconjunctivits sicca
• Summary

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