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About this blog

My specific aim is to feature successful breeding programs but I discuss also dog breeding and genetics generally.

Entries in this blog

Genetic diversity tools in the Finnish Kennel Club's breeding database

The idea for this post came during the discussions around our virtual International Dog Health Workshop on genetic diversity in May (see Ian Seath's great article about the workshop). We were discussing what kind of population statistics would breeders and breed clubs need, in order to take care of their breed population in a best possible way. I spoke to the group about the tools in the Finnish Kennel Club's breeding database, which elicited enthusiastic reactions. The Finnish Kennel Club

Norway dog breeding bans – what can you do to save your own breed?

Oslo district court in Norway ruled that breeding of English Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is against the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act. However, breeding is allowed to be continued in a form of planned, organized breed crosses bringing new genetic variation and healthy alleles into these populations. We have seen this coming. We have talked about this for a few decades. “If we don’t improve the situation, someone from outside is going to intervene.” The English Bulldog, t

Reducing epilepsy in the Finnish Spitz

(Above photo by Kaisa Huttunen) We published a Get a GRIHP! article on the Finnish Spitz in August 2020. While gathering information for the article, we got to know the work being done in the Finnish breed association Suomen Pystykorvajärjestö - Finska Spetsklubben ry (SPJ). SPJ, together with the other Nordic breed clubs of the breed, has worked very hard to maintain and improve health and genetic diversity in the breed. A very good example of this is the successful work in reducing the fr
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