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Australian Shepherds - ASGHI - Genetic Counseling



    "At this point in time there are no formal ethical or professional standards for genetic counseling on canine issues.  As time goes by, the need for these services will grow.   When the demand is sufficient, formal training programs should be established. Professional organizations will need to form, with the responsibility for developing and maintaining standards of performance and ethics.  Once genetic counseling for canines and other animals becomes accepted, cooperative referral networks can be developed with the veterinary profession.  Our dogs’ health will be the better for it."


    Interesting that this article was first published in Double Helix Network News, Winter 2007,  and revised in May 2013.

    The IPFD's Harmonization of Genetic Testing initiative may offer a step towards the realization of a cooperative, internationally based network of committed breed enthusiasts, veterinarians, researchers and breed managers offering sound ideas for creating standards and expert advice on genetic testing. 




    For the 3rd Dog Health Workshop - see further reading on Harmonization of Genetic Testing at:

    Harmonization of Genetic Testing: Short List for Reading Before the Workshop - Please!


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