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    Brief Description 

    The Cane Corso [ˈkaːne ˈkɔrso] is a large Italian breed of dog, for years valued highly in Italy as a companion, Guard dog and hunter.

    Source: Wikipedia

    Links to Breed Descriptions 


    raskompendium cane corso.JPGRaskompendium for Cane corso

    Developed by the Breed and Breeding Association for Cane Corso for the judges' conference since 2016




    cane corso akc study guide.JPGAKC Judges Study Guide - Cane Corso









    Other Names for Breed 
    • Italian Corso dog
    • Chien de cour italien
    • Perro corso italiano
    • Italienischer Corso-Hund


    Country of Origin and Parent Breed Club 

    Country of origin: Italy



    Health and Well-Being 

    Some sources of health information include:

    1. National kennel clubs and breed clubs (see, e.g. Breeding/Health Strategy Documents, below)
    2. Population-level statistics (see, e.g., Swedish Insurance Data, below)
    3. Research articles
    4. Breed club surveys

    Breed-Specific Articles 



    Breed Standards 

    There are numerous breed standards

    The basis of breed/conformation shows is the judging of pedigree dogs against the 'Breed Standard', which is a picture in words that describes the range of features that are deemed appropriate for the breed.

    Two of the major international standards are:

    The American Kennel Club

    FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)

    Breed-Specific Statistics 

    1. Swedish Insurance Data

    • Breed-specific information on rates of disease and death from Agria Pet Insurance (Agria Djurförsäkring) is available for many breeds.
    This breed has information on Veterinary Care and Life Insurance.
    Cane Corso: 2006-2011 2011-2016

    Finnish kennel Club Database - Italian Corso dog

    Breeding/Health Strategy Documents 

    Health/Breeding Strategy Documents and Links:

    1. Sweden: Breed-specific Breeding Strategies: (in Swedish) and/ or English summary
    2. Finland: JTO:

    Health Surveys

    Hälsoenkät 2020 -- Ras- och avelsföreningen för Cane corso, RACC

    (Google translate) Health survey 2020 Breeding and breeding association for Cane corso, RACC




    In February 2020, a health survey was published by RACC. The purpose was to get an overview regarding  the health situation of the Swedish population. The results of the survey give breeders the opportunity  to focus on problem areas and in their breeding work work for a lower frequency of these  problems in developing the Cane corso into a healthier breed.

    The results of the survey regarding the average age of Cane corso are in line with data from Agria breed profiles, which ends up at 6.4 years and means a very short lifespan of our dogs. The the main cause of death is illness, where 54% do not specify which disease the dog died of.

    Then cancer tumors are reported and then the musculoskeletal system. Cane corso is a powerful and fast-growing breed, this can be linked to the fact that 25% of respondents report musculoskeletal injuries / symptoms, such as lameness, osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injuries and HD / ED. In total, 60% of these cases require surgery, with long rehabilitation and pain the dog and large costs for the pet owner and insurance companies. Of the respondents, 20% state that their dogs have had eye problems, where the so-called Cherry eye (tear gland in the dog's eye falls out) is most frequently with 15% and 82% of these are operated on one or more times, mainly at a young age. Breeders should note that these eye conditions have a correlation with genetics and the skull / skin design.

    The cane corso owners are active in most of the existing dog sports available, including exhibition and obedience is most common. According to the survey, 54% of the dogs have a correct bite (slight underbite). 16% state that they have problems with skin and / or allergies, which usually debuts at a relatively early stage age. Severe conditions such as epilepsy occur in 3% of respondents, which is a small percentage but worth careful monitoring due to its severe symptoms and consequences. There are no extensive fertility problems within the breed, but the dogs will pregnant and the majority of the puppies occur without complications.




    Breed-Specific DNA Tests:

    Other Breed-Specific Webpages 



    Breed-Specific Research 



    Breed Clubs 

    We are listing sites for breed clubs with health or other information that might be helpful. Follow links below.

    Canada: Cane Corso Club of Canada
    USA: Cane Corso Association of America
    Finland: Bullmastiffit ja Mastiffit Ry: Cane Corso
    Sweden: Ras och Avelsföreningen för Cane Corso

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