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    Brief Description 

    The East Siberian Laika (Vostotchno-Sibirskaia Laika) is a Russian breed of dog of spitz type, a hunting dog originating in parts of Siberia east of the Yenisei River. Source: Wikipedia

    The East Siberian Laïka is a hunting dog of the spitz type that was developed to hunt large game such as deer and bear. Traditionally they were also used as draft/sledge dogs and drovers. They are one of three Russian Laïkas (or 'barkers'), the other two being the West Siberian and Russo-European Laïkas. At one time a fourth Laïka was recognized, the Karelo-Finnish Laïka, but this breed was merged with the Finnish Spitz in 2006 due to having minor differences. Source:

    Links to Breed Descriptions 

    Sweden: Domakompendium Svenska Älghundklubben Östsibirisk Laika



    Other Names for Breed 
    • östsibirisk lajka
    • vostotchno-sibirskaia laika
    • Laïka de Sibérie orientale
    • Laïka de Siberia oriental
    • Ostsibirischer Laïka
    • Østsibirsk Laika


    Country of Origin and Parent Breed Club 

    Country of origin: Russia

    Health and Well-Being 

    Some sources of health information include:

    1. National kennel clubs and breed clubs (see, e.g. Breeding/Health Strategy Documents, below)
    2. Population-level statistics (see, e.g., Swedish Insurance Data, below)
    3. Research articles
    4. Breed club surveys

    Breed-Specific Articles 

     A Lotta Laika

    "AKC recognizes the Yakutian Laika, while the FCI recognizes three Laika breeds: The West Siberian Laika, the East Siberian Laika and the Russian-European Laika"


    Breed Standards 

    There are numerous breed standards.

    The basis of breed/conformation shows is the judging of pedigree dogs against the 'Breed Standard', which is a picture in words that describes the range of features that are deemed appropriate for the breed.


    Breed-Specific Statistics 

    1. Swedish Insurance Data

    • Breed-specific information on rates of disease and death from Agria Pet Insurance (Agria Djurförsäkring) is available for many breeds. This breed has information on Veterinary Care and Life Insurance.
    East Siberian Laika: 2006-2011 2011-2016

    Breeding/Health Strategy Documents 

    Health/Breeding Strategy Documents and Links:

    1. Sweden: Breed-specific Breeding Strategies: (in Swedish) and/ or English summary

    Breed-Specific DNA Tests:

    Other Breed-Specific Webpages 


    Suomen Laikajärjestö ry: East siberian laika (VOSTOZNOSIBIRSKAJA LAIKA)


    Breed-Specific Research 



    Breed Clubs 

    We are listing sites for breed clubs with health or other information that might be helpful. Follow links below.

    Sweden: Svenska Laikaklubben:

    Finland: Suomen Laikajärjestö ry:

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