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    Brief Description: 

    The Canadian Eskimo Dog's temperament reflects its original work and environment. It is loyal, tough, brave, intelligent, and alert. Owing to their original environment, they take pure delight in cold weather, often preferring to sleep outside in winter. Like most spitz breeds they can be very vocal. Canadian Eskimo Dogs need a very large amount of exercise. They cannot just be walked, they need higher intensity work, requiring more exercise than many dog owners can give. This need for work and stimulation makes them well-suited for dog sports, such as carting, mushing, and skijoring. The Canadian Eskimo Dog is best kept in a cold climate, and is prone to heatstroke.

    Source: Wikipedia

    Links to Breed Descriptions: 


    Other Names for Breed: 

    Kanadisk eskimohund
    Chien Esquimau Canadien
    Canadian Inuit Dog
    Chien Canadien d'Inuit
    Perro Esquimal Canadiense

    Country of Origin and Parent Breed Club: 


    Country of origin: Canada

    Parent Breed Club: Canadian Kennel Club



    Breed-Specific Articles: 

    Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog International

    Defining the Inuit Dog by Sue Hamilton



    Breed Standards: 

    The basis of breed/conformation shows is the judging of pedigree dogs against the 'Breed Standard', which is a picture in words that describes the range of features that are deemed appropriate for the breed. Two of the major international standards are:

    The Canadian Kennel Club

    FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)

    Breed-Specific Statistics: 

    Rare breed!

    Articles: CKC: Understanding the Canadian Eskimo Dog August 03, 2018

    Breeding/Health Strategy Documents: 

    Club Links:

    Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog International's Health section

    From: EasyPetMD
    "Even though health studies have not been conducted on the Canadian Eskimo Dog, they have been for similar and closely related breeds.  Among the problems of greatest concern that have been discovered include:
        Hip Dysplasia
        Elbow Dysplasia
        Bloat/Gastric Torsion
        Corneal Dystrophy
        Progressive Retinal Atrophy/PRA
        Heat Intolerance
        Heat Stroke
        Inability to digest plant matter
        Inability to digest commercial dog foods

    Breed-Specific DNA Tests: 

    HDTD - Canadian Eskimo Dog

    Other Breed-Specific Webpages: 


    Breed-Specific Research: 

    Using multiple markers to elucidate the ancient, historical and modern relationships among North American Arctic dog breeds
    S K Brown, C M Darwent, E J Wictum & B N Sacks

    Breed Clubs: 

    We are listing sites for breed clubs with health or other information that might be helpful. Follow links below.

    Canadian Kennel Club
    Canadian Eskimo Dog Club Of Canada
    Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of North and Western Canada: Club contacts listed at CKC
    Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain

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