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The Rising Storm: What Breeders Need to Know About the Immune System

    Author: C.A. Sharp


    This award winning article written in 2002 and cited on many different dog breed club websites addresses management considerations pertaining to immune-mediated conditions impacting the length and quality of dog's lives.

    Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute: Article: The Rising Storm: What Breeders Need to Know About the Immune System




    "It is up to us.
    The storm is upon us and will not soon dissipate. Due to the complex nature of immune-mediated disease, its total eradication is unlikely in the foreseeable future. Potential impact on breed health is great. Even though we lack the ability to eliminate this kind of disease, damage control must be instituted. We can shelter our dogs from this rising storm if we commit to working in cooperation with fellow breeders to make that reduction a priority. While no breeder can guarantee he will not produce a dog affected with immune-mediated disease, with good record keeping, diligence and foresight the risk of producing these costly, potentially devastating, and sometimes-fatal diseases can be significantly reduced."




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