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Sweden: Breed-Specific Programs / Approach


    In 2001, the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) initiated a project which is quite unique to the canine world. The task was to create a breed-specific breeding strategy for every breed of dog in Sweden, based on evidence and information gathered from a range of sources. Hence, the breeding plan should be tailored to the conditions of the individual breed and consider all aspects relevant in the breeding goal for that breed, i.e., physical and mental health as well as population structure and genetic variation.

    The document, known as Rasspecifika Avelsstrategier /Breed-Specific Breeding Strategies), or RAS, is the result of the work of the various breed clubs. It contains the history of the breeds, a description of the present situation, and goals and strategies for the future. The idea is that the document should constitute an overall plan for the breed and act as a guideline to breeders. At present, most breed clubs (more than 300 breeds) have developed and submitted a breeding strategy to the SKK. The remaining breeds are those with very small populations in Sweden. The breeding strategies are published on the SKK website as well as on the breed club websites, and thus easy to find for breeders and puppy buyers. The RAS documents are to be evaluated yearly and updated every 5 years.


    This link takes you to the Swedish overview of the program http://www.skk.se/uppfodning/avel-och-uppfodning/ras-rasspecifika-avelsstrategier-/


    In the Pedigreed Breeds Database on DogWellNet there are links to the RAS documennts (in Swedish), where relevant. Also, in collaboration with DogWellNet, breed clubs from Sweden are providing English summaries of at least the health portions of their RAS documents. These are available in our Downloads section, under Swedish Ras Documents.




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