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    Katariina Mäki, breeding advisor at the Finnish Kennel Club (FKC) has been presenting information in her Blog on the programs and approach in Finland.


    One of the programs involves the Pinscher, which has been in a crossbreeding program, with Schnauzers, since the 1990s.


    This report was presented at a meeting in Germany in 2010 :


    PINSCHER-SCHNAUZER CROSSBREEDING PROJECT is available online or in our Downloads section.


    In her blog, Katariina carefully acknowledges the risks and challenges involved in crossbreeding, but clearly, many feel that for some breeds, the potential benefits outweigh the risks.









    And here is a picture of one of the crossbred dogs:


    And her accomplishments:

    FI, NO, SE, LT champion
    FI W-2009, 2011, LT W-2010
    Health results: HD A/A, ED 0/0, no hereditary eye diseases
    FKC Mental test 115 points
    Her name is Yarracitta Kaneliprinsessa.


    A healthy and beautiful dog!







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