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The Norwegian Kennel Club: Breeding Strategies & Ethical Rules and Regulations for Breeding (Code of Ethics)

    "The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) has a long tradition promoting healthy dog breeding through education and cooperation with breeders and breed clubs. It is our true belief that this is far more beneficial to the dogs’ health and welfare than excessive rules and restrictions. Our vision is that through this inclusive breeding strategy, based on education, knowledge and respect, we will breed the healthiest dogs in Europe."


    The article goes on to outline ethical and breeding strategies, regulations (e.g. microchipping), and educational strategies that underpin the Norwegian Kennel guidelines and Code of Ethics.


    Also from the article:


    "The goal in dog breeding is functionally healthy dogs with a construction and mentality typical of the breed, dogs that can live a long and happy life for the benefit and pleasure of the owner and the society as well as for the dog itself. The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) will seek to attain this goal through education of breeders, focusing on cooperation and respect as well as making breeders fully aware of their responsibilities."


    Provided by Astrid Indrebø pawprint15x15transparent.thumb.png.f34ac


    One of our DogWellNet Experts pawprint15x15transparent.thumb.png.f34ac



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