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Expert panels / How does this work?

    A key goal of is to promote and facilitate international collaboration and to provide expert commentary and guidance on interpretation and use of information. Our Expert Panels will bring together leading authorities from around the world to help clarify controversial and complex issues in dog health. The first one will be on use of DNA tests in breeding.

    How does this work?

    - A topic requiring commentary or section of content requiring evaluation will be identified.

    - Members of the appropriate Expert Panel (see below) will be notified that a Discussion Topic is active.

    - Material (papers, links to information online, specific questions) will be posted to the Members-only Forum on

    - Expert Panel Members (EPMs) will be asked to review the material and comment/fill in survey forms at a time of their choosing while the Discussion Topic is active (dates will be given). EPMs will have sign-in access to the Members-only Forum and/or for specific Discussion Topics.

    - The Moderator for the Topic will collate / summarise the information provided by the EPMs.

    - Responses may be posted within the Members-only Forum for further comments by the EPMs.

    - To this point, the discussion will have been asynchronous (i.e. EPMs work at their own convenience).

    - As necessary, there may be webinars, live discussions or online meetings to review and summarise findings.

    - When the discussion period is over or at the Moderator’s discretion, a final summary will be sent to the contributing EPMs and then posted in the public section of

    - NOTE: it is not necessary that consensus be reached on all topics – if the experts disagree then various opinions will be shared. These issues are expected to be complex, interpretation may vary by situation in which the information is to be applied, etc. Guidance will be provided as possible, controversies and disagreements will be described, concerns and limitations will be made clear.

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