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A New Behavior and Personality Assessment – For All Dogs!

    Would you like to learn more about your dog's behavior? Since 2012 the Swedish Kennel Club, SKK, offers a new official behavior and personality assessment in dogs, BPH. The assessment is designed to fit all dogs, regardless of breed. The BPH takes about 30 minutes and consists of 7 parts. The aim is to give a summary of how the dog reacts in and handles various situations.

    SKK: Beteende- och personlighets-beskrivning hund – BPH


    The Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) is the organization mainly responsible for BPH. SKK educates the BPH officials and carry out quality assurance of the observers and the sites of BPH. Breed clubs and regional SKK clubs arrange BPH based on the rules of SKK. Moreover, SKK is responsible for registering and publishing all BPH results.


    BPH should be helpful for breed clubs, breeders and dog owners to describe the personality of the dog, whether it is a potential breeding animal, pet or working dog. For a person considering to buy a dog, BPH can also give a description of the general mentality of various breeds and of the parents of the puppy litter of interest. Every BPH-described dog contributes with a piece of information that increases our understanding and knowledge about the behavior of that specific breed and of dogs in general!

    To learn more about BPH, click on the pdf file below.
    BPH English.pdf
    For detailed information in Swedish, please visit
    See the video (in Swedish)

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