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HGTD Quality Indicators - Terms and Definitions

    You will see these terms/acronyms referenced in the lab's and or tests listings, and general information on terms. 

    Accreditation Formal                    

    An international accreditation, recognized by an independent body. See GTP information for specifics of this accreditation. 

    Accreditation Other                      

    A national or international accreditation. See GTP information for specifics of this accreditation.  

    Breeding Advice                             

    Describes what, if any, breeding advice a GTP provides. This is more than just reporting results.

    Diagnostic Tool

    For the HGTD purposes, this refers to a gene-based test (DNA test) that is primarily designed to aid in diagnosis and/or monitoring of a particular disease. This often, but not always, looks for specific genes or markers that indicate the presence or absence of a conditions or disease (ex. Cancers) but is not normally used for breeding purposes. Indeed, it can be used where a condition or disease is not considered or known to be inherited.

    DNA test development in-house                             

    Information on if a GTP develops new genetic tests

    Ethics committee or board                        

    Describes if the GTP has an ethics board, or committee. This is most common for GTPs attached to, or in collaboration with a University.

    HGTFD founding member                          

    Founding member of the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs database

    HGTFD sponsor               

    Participant in the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs who provides either financial sponsorship, or in-kind sponsorship such as cost-free labor

    In-house test discovery               

    Information on if the GTP undertakes research to discover new gene mutations, or improvement of genetic testing. This may include links to research and publications

    In-house testing                             

    A GTP that provides the actual laboratory testing service, as opposed to providing a service where laboratory processes are completely external - i.e. the GTP has a laboratory service provider. This may be for some, or all tests offered.


    Provides parentage or DNA profiling using the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) panel. ISAG Comparison Tests mean test providers provide results that are comparable across different test providers. See QM details for ISAG panel used

    ISO Accred/GTP                             

    The GTP holds an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification for a management system, manufacturing process, service or documentation at the business level. See GTP information for more details.

    ISO Accred/tests                            

    The GTP holds an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification for a management system, manufacturing process, service or documentation for an individual test. See GTP information for more details.

    ISO Accred/Lab               

    The GTP holds an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification for a management system, manufacturing process, service or documentation at the laboratory level. See GTP information for more details.

    Laboratory SOP               

    A laboratory SOP (standard operating procedure) is a description of the standards of practice for a laboratory. This may be part of an ISO accreditation, or an in-house or other formally recognized standard of practice. Often, SOPs are used to help maintain safety and consistency in processes.

    Other recognized accreditation                

    Refers to formal or informal international or nationally recognized forms of accreditation.

    Out-sourced testing                      

    The GTP uses an external service provider for some or all tests offered

    Patent or license holder               

    This GTP either holds a patent for an individual test (see individual tests for details) AND/OR the GTP holds a license provided by an original patent holder

    Qualified laboratory technicians                             

    Laboratory technicians with a formal accreditation/certification internationally or nationally recognized

    Quality assurance and resolving issues                  

    This describes how a GTP resolves any problems with test results, either through concerns from owner, technical or handling mistakes, or if a test/assay proves to be inaccurate or incomplete.

    Refereed Publications list                           

    This provides information on if the GTP has had any research or works published in a peer-reviewed (refereed) book or journal.  The peer-reviewing process indicates that the research has been considered by other experts in the same or similar field (area of study).

    Research collaborator                  

    Information on if the GTP collaborates with other bodies (such as Universities or other research groups) in canine health and welfare research. This could include test discovery.

    Sample collected by - GTP specific                         

    Describes how the sample is collected and provided to the GTP. For example, a blood, tissue, or cheek/buccal swab taken by owner, or veterinary professional, or other person. This could also include information on how a dog's identity is confirmed, or not, at the time of sampling.

    Sample identifier                           

    Describes how the sample is linked to the unique dog, and what data is collected on a dog - name, sex, parentage profile, genetic profile, etc.

    Service laboratory                         

    If the GTP provides NO in-house laboratory services, who do they send tests to?

    Technical handling procedures - CTP specific                     

    Describes how the samples are handled and processed by the GTP

    Test result information                

    Information on how test results are provided, and what is included with results. For example: online, paper, via email, with or without breeding advice.

    Test results provided to               

    Describes who test results information is shared with. For example: owners, veterinarians, canine researchers, Breed/Kennel Clubs.

    Type of CTP/GTP                           

    For profit refers to companies (i.e. LLCs), non-profit refers generally to not-for-profit groups such as universities, registered charities are charities.

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