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Learning Module for Dog Owners: Prudent Use of Antimicrobials

    Learn how you can protect your dogs from AMR in 30 minutes or less- your vet can help!





    Dog Owners


    Module Goal:  

    To learn how to change behaviors towards more prudent usage of antimicrobials.


    Why should we care?

    The rapid increase of antimicrobial resistance around the globe means more difficult and expensive treatments for our pets well as a contribution to a major public health hazard.




    To access the learning module: Click Here!


    Learning Module for Dog Owners






    This article is part of the IPFD Student Project 2017 by Ariel Minardi.


    For an overview of her project and links to other material on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Prudent Use of Antibiotics see: 

    IPFD Student Project 'B.A.R.K. | Bacterial Antimicrobial Resistance Knowledge' - Overview 



Edited by Ariel Minardi

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