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Finnish Kennel Club to add Walk test results to Koiranet DB

    Results from two newly official health examinations are being added to the Finnish Kennel Club's Breeding Database. Results from BAER hearing tests and walk tests, the latter measuring the dog's exercise tolerance and breathing, are saved to the system starting from 6th August.


    Results from BAER tests and walk tests are saved to the Breeding Database

    7.9.2017 |  Koiran terveys, Terveystarkastukset (link updated 7-9-2018)

    About KoiraNet-jalostustietojärjestelmä - Kennelliitto



    The openness and broadness of the Finnish Kennel Club's breeding database makes it unique on the international level. The other Nordic countries also record dog information in extensive databases, but only Finland and Sweden have made their databases open for browsing by the general public. The Finnish Kennel Club breeding database also compiles data into statistics that are as useful and descriptive as possible, providing a wealth of information on the genetic diversity and health of different breeds.

    The breeding database contains data both on individual dogs as well as breed-specific health and breeding information.

    An individual dog's own page allows you to examine its pedigree, inbreeding coefficient, health examination, dog show and trial results, estimated breeding values (EBV) as well as information on its siblings and possible offspring. You can compare how the inbreeding coefficient changes when it is calculated from different numbers of generation. You can also see the date and cause of death of deceased dogs if the owner has submitted this information to the breeding database.


    Read more about the FKC database.


    For more information from the FKC on the Walk tests and Research on English Bulldogs see...

    The dog's exercise tolerance is evaluated with a walk test

    Study from the University of Helsinki on which the walk test is based on  (Lilja-Maula et al. 2017)


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