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5th IDHW: Speaker Bios

    Below are biographies of Speakers for the 5th International Dog Health Workshop

    More bios will be added when available


    tuomas_jonas_05_v2 (rajattu) (2) (1).jpgDr. Jonas Donner (Speaker, Theme #3: Big Data)
    Dr. Donner earned his doctorate in medical genetics at the University of Helsinki, Finland, in 2012. His research experience includes studies of the molecular background of both Mendelian and complex human disorders. Dr. Donner’s inspiration for examining dogs comes from the Finnish tradition of studying the disease heritage of isolated populations. His current research interests include the characterization of inherited diseases and traits in dogs and cats, and exploring their distribution, prevalence and relevance across breeds.

    Dr. Donner has worked at the forefront of canine genetic testing since receiving his doctorate, shaping the future of personalized pet care and veterinary medicine through involvement in big data-driven research initiatives and the development of state-of-the-art genetic tests for companion animals. Dr. Donner currently holds the position of Senior Scientist – Canine Genetics at Wisdom Panel, a company guided by the mission to strengthen the bond between pets and their people through world-leading insights powered by DNA. He is also part of the dog breeder community himself as he and his wife actively breed Shetland Sheepdogs.







    Sofia Malm.jpgSofia Malm Persson, MSc, PhD (Speaker, Theme #4: Does the colour matter? Defining Breed vs Variety)
    Dr. Malm Persson obtained her undergraduate degree in Animal Science at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala, and her PhD about breeding for improved canine hip and elbow health at the Dept. of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU.

    Since January 2011, Sofia is employed by SKK (the Swedish Kennel Club) Dept. for Breeding and Health where she is mainly involved in issues regarding breeding programs, genetic tests and prediction of breeding values. Sofia is also co-opted as genetic expert in the SKK Breeding Committee.

    She is occasionally involved in research projects and gives lectures for breeders and students at SLU. In addition to several scientific papers, Sofia has written a book about dog breeding for Swedish breeders.
    Photo: Måns Engelbrektsson








    210620 Dan O'Neill and Bruce.jpgDr. Dan O’Neill (Speaker, Theme #2: Breeding for Health and Wellbeing)
    Associate Professor Companion Animal Epidemiology, RVC
    MVB BSc(hons) GPCert(SAP) GPCert(FelP) GPCert(Derm) GPCert(B&PS) PGCertVetEd FHEA MSc(VetEpi) PhD FRCVS

    Following 22 years in general practice, Dan is now Associate Professor in Companion Animal Epidemiology at the RVC where he co-leads the VetCompass™ Programme. As well as over 140 papers covering the epidemiology of companions animals with a specific focus on extreme conformations in dogs, he has also authored the books ‘Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats’ and ‘Health and Welfare of Brachycephalic (Flat-faced) Companion Animals’. He chairs the UK Brachycephalic Working Group and is a founding and board member of the UK Legal Advisory Group on Extreme Conformation in Dogs and the International Collaborative on Extreme Conformation in Dogs.

    Dan was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2018, the BSAVA Blaine Award for Advancement of Small Animal Science in 2019 and the International Canine Health Award from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust in 2021.





    Enid Stiles.JPGDr. Enid Stiles DVM MSc (Speaker, Theme #2: Breeding for Health and Wellbeing)
    Owner and Practitioner Sherwood Park Animal Hospital
    North American Councillor World Vet Association (WVA)
    Chair Animal Welfare Working Group WVA
    Chair Communications Committee WVA
    Board member Pet Nutrition Alliance (PNA)
    Current advisor with Animal Welfare Committee CVMA

    International Veterinary medicine is a passion of Dr. Stiles. As a founding member and past President of Veterinarians without Borders (VWB) Canada, Dr. Stiles has been fortunate to work with people and animals around the world. She believes strongly in working for, and with communities in need to foster the health of animals, people, and the environments that sustain us all.

    In recent years, Dr Stiles has focused her attention and passion working with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association on specific topics such as One Health, Importation of Dogs, Extreme Breeding, and Use of Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine. Dr Stiles received her DVM at the Ontario Veterinary College and then fulfilled a Masters in Clinical Sciences (behaviour medicine) at the University of Montréal in 2009. She has had the opportunity to share her experiences, knowledge and the important work of the CVMA through speaking engagements and collaborative meetings with international partners such as FVE/FECAVA, WSAVA, WVA, IVOC, ICECDogs and most provincial veterinary associations and species groups as well as industry partners.

    Dr. Stiles is a regular presence in print, television, radio and social media advocating on current national and international issues. Dr Stiles is passionate about helping animals and their families by providing excellent care and compassion to all of her patients, no matter how big or small. In 2009, Dr Stiles opened her own small animal practice in Montréal which is now staffed by six veterinarians.


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