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Antimicrobial Use Guidelines - By Country

    Resources from France:





    Summary and Key Achievements


    "The first Ecoantibio Plan had 2 specific objectives:

    • To reduce the exposure of animals to antibiotics by 25% in 5 years, with a particular attention to the use of critically important antibiotics in veterinary and human medicine. The 25% reduction target is measured using the Animal Level of Exposure to Antimicrobials (ALEA) indicator. Data relating to the level of animal exposure to antibiotics are issued with a lag of one year, hence the reference to 2017 in the name of the Ecoantibio Plan. Achievement of the Plan’s target will only be disclosed in 2017;
    • To preserve therapeutic arsenal of antibiotics in a durable way, especially because new antibiotics for veterinary use are currently minimal."







    Monitoring of Antimicrobial Resistance in Pathogenic Bacteria in Animals in France in 2015: Summary Report of the RESAPATH network (www.resapath.anses.fr)


    "The epidemiology of resistance is increasingly complex and we strongly believe that providing annual data of resistance trends in animal pathogens contributes to a comprehensive overview of antimicrobial resistance in veterinary medicine. We especially thank all laboratories and staff who are contributing to these surveillance efforts and to a better control of this major issue in animals."


    The objectives of the RESAPATH are the following:
    - To monitor antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic bacteria of animal origin in France,
    - To collect resistant isolates of particular interest and to characterize their genetic background (including deciphering mechanisms of resistance),
    - To provide technical support to local laboratories.





    AIDAP Antibiotic prescribing guidelines Australia.png

    The Australian Veterinary Association provides a link to the AIDAP Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines.

    This extensive resource details use for different body systems.

    However, other than a section on 'Routine De-sexing' (where routine antibiotic use is NOT recommended) there is little specifically related to reproduction or puppies.









    Canadian Veterinary Medical Association:  





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