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Kennel Club Statistics / Resources

    koira.netThe Finnish Kennel Club ( has a fantastic Breeding database and provides various health statistics for FKC breeds.  Categories include statistics on health tests as well as owner-reported death. For an explanation of the database see the FKC's  Breeding database - a unique information source about dogs (English).

    The database is searchable including breeds from FCI groups:

    FCI  1 - Sheepdogs and Cattledogs
    FCI  2 - Pinscher and Schnauzer type, Molossians
    FCI  3 - Terriers
    FCI  4 - Dachshunds
    FCI  5 - Spitz and primitive types
    FCI  6 - Scenthounds and related breeds
    FCI  7 - Pointing Dogs
    FCI  8 - Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs
    FCI  9 - Companion and Toy Dogs
    FCI 10 - Sighthounds


    See, e.g.


    Click on breed-specific links to the following:
    Latest: Litters, Trials, Results, Shows, Health, Champions, Imports

    • Statistics: Result Statistics, Show Statistics, Health Statistics, Breeding Statistics
    • Other Breed Related: Breeders, Listings, Event Search, Settings
    • General: Kennel Names, Registrations

      Under Information on the Breed, you will find the following information:

    • Latest Litter
    • Latest Result
    • Latest Show
    • Total Number of Registrations
    • Registrations 20__ (year)
    • Breed Standard
    • Breeding Strategy of the Breed
    • Breed Association
    • Puppy Referral of the Breed


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