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     Schedule update posted March 26, 2019

    Progam Schedule 4th IDHW May 30-June1st 2019


    When and What (Times Approximate)


    Thursday, the 30th of May 2019

    • From 18… Registration and posters and then buffet associated with Canine Health Awards.



    Friday, the 31st of May 2019

    7:00-8:30        Breakfast and Registration 

    8:30-8:45        Welcome/ Overview of Workshop: KC/ IPFD – total 15 min

    8:45-9:50      1st Interactive plenary session

    1. The concept of ‘breed’: impact on breeding practices, health, and welfare.  Helena Skarp (Sweden) KC perspective-Europe (12m); Gregoire Leroy (France): Comparison across species; genetics etc (12m); The true nature of a breed is more than just appearance,  Prof. Peter Freidrich (Germany) (12m): Interactive discussion: (24m) ; Goals for breakout: 5m

    10:00-10:15    Theme intros

    5a. Extremes Åke Hedhammar (Sweden): overview/ priorities(10m);  Royal Canin, IDHW sponsor: Industry Perspectives and Actions on Extremes (10 m)

    10:15-10:40    Coffee break

    10:40-11:50    2nd Interactive plenary session

    Suppy and Demand:  Nick Blayney (UK): Numbers: reg’d/ pedigree vs. other country estimates; Candace Croney (USA):  Commercial breeding – accepting the reality, programs for health/ welfare (20); Jim Stephens (Ireland): the Irish situation – commercials, rescues, welfare.

    11:50-12:30     Theme intros

    3. Breed-Spec Health Strategies  Ian Seath (UK): overview/ priorities(10m);  Brenda Bonnett (Canada): HSDD and Get a GRIHP(10m);
    4. Genetic Testing (20m) Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi (USA):  HGTD (10m);  Claire Wade (Australia):  Researchers’ role in promoting robust, quality genetic testing. (10m)

    12:30-14:00       Lunch

    14:00-14:50       3rd Interactive plenary session

    5.b Communication to promote change Tamzin Furtado (UK):  Jerold Bell (USA): Summary of the day so far: audience poll (15m) and Brenda Bonnett (Canada): charge to breakouts (10m) 

    14:50-15:50       1st Breakout session by Theme

    15:50-16:15       Coffee Break

    16:15-18:00       2nd Breakout session by Theme

    19:00-22:00       Drinks and Gala Dinner - Chapel



    Saturday, the 1st of June 2019

    7:00-8:15            Breakfast

    8:15-10:15          3rd Breakout session   --   Developing action plans – specifics!

    10:15-10:45        Coffee break

    10:45-12:45        Summary and action plans | 6*15 m theme presentations; 30 m Q&A and discussion   

    12:45-13:00        Closing Remarks | Thank you… and 5th IDHW

    13:00-14:30        Lunch              



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