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Overview: 4th International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW)



    Organized by the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) and The Kennel Club, in cooperation with other partners.






    Dates: Thursday, May 30 -  Saturday, June 1, 2019.
    Venue: De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor UK 
    Location: ~ 6 miles from Heathrow Airport.

    4th International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW)
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    Online registration for the 4th IDHW is now closed.

    If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact us at




    Program Overview, General Goals, Schedule, Themes, and Speakers

    Program Overview

    A major goal of the IDHWs is to promote collaboration and networking. This begins with the reception on Thursday evening and continues throughout. All attendees are expected to share expertise/experiences and to actively participate in discussions in breakout sessions.

    Another major goal is sharing of information and resources - before, during and after the workshop, in sessions and with posters.

    The majority of time is spent in interaction: limited plenary talks have been chosen to highlight and cross-over Themes; most time is spent in smaller group breakout sessions.

    In plenary sharing sessions, Theme Coordinators will present results of discussions within the breakout sessions, e.g.: a) key issues, priorities, gaps, challenges, and b) action plans/ moving forward. See details in Schedule. In the final Summary session, we will look to identify convergence across Themes; to confirm priorities for ongoing work; and to wherever possible have, associated with actions, names of individuals and/or organizations who have agreed to take on a role.

    Participants will be asked to review a subset of material prior to the 4th IDHW.  


    4th IDHW General Goals and Outcomes - All Themes
    Following interactive discussions within each Theme, by the conclusion of the 4th IDHW, participants should leave with a clear sense of:

    • Key decisions on priorities/needs within the theme.
    • Remaining gaps/challenges/controversies.
    • List of specific tasks/actions to be undertaken over the next two years; together with names of individuals and organizations who have agreed to assist.
    • Their personal commitment to participate; how they will help achieve the desired outcomes.

    Breakout sessions (each registrant participates in only one Theme):

    • Are meant to engage all participants in discussion; and to some extent the issues and priorities should be driven by participants. However, the Working Groups (WGs) will identify some possible discussion points and outcomes (to be communicated before the meeting).
    • When registering, participants are asked to indicate their preference for Theme* (1st, 2nd, 3rd).  We will do our best to accommodate.

            *Themes for Breakout Sessions (each registrant participates in only one Theme)


    Preliminary Schedule

    View Preliminary Schedule





    4th IDHW Plenary - Speakers, Theme Leaders, Contributing Experts



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