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Veterinary Practice - Efforts to Enhance Welfare of Pedigreed Dogs

    An article in the February 2017 edition of the UK's Veterinary Practice takes a look at ongoing national and international efforts to enhance the welfare of pedigreed dogs.  It also asks the question, "Are we making a difference?" and encourages veterinarians to examine their role, individually and collectively.

    Simon Wheeler's report includes references to IPFD resources and our CEO, Dr. Brenda Bonnett's presentation at last year's London Vet Show.




    "IPFD promotes an evidence-based approach. Some of this “evidence” comes from Agria whose current footprint in the Swedish market stretches to 40% of all Swedish dogs and 23% of cats. Agria data have been used to produce numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers. In addition, material on the most common and high-risk conditions has been created specifically for the use by breed clubs. These data help define which conditions are the most important for a breed."


    "As promoted by IPFD, collaborative efforts are needed."



    Download the full article here (used with permission).



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