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International Partnership for Dogs - Enhancing Dog Health, Well-Being, and Welfare - Join Us.

IPFD Organizations -- Guide to Roles & Resources

    Virtually every kennel club’s mission statement includes the words, “To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of pure-bred dogs”. Identifying and addressing health and welfare issues which impact breeds, dog’s lives, owner’s interactions with their animals and communities through education of dog owners and breeders, judges, governmental bodies and the general public is a primary focus of kennel club’s operations.



    Here you will find an overview of information and IPFD's articles that cover various kennel clubs efforts to see to understanding and management of canine health and welfare concerns. IMG_0042-fixad.jpg



    This section contains information from national kennel clubs and other cynological organizations relative to health management of purebred dog breeds. Here you will also find regulations and guidelines from numerous sources, e.g. governments and other authorities, which may impact dog breeder’s practices as regards approaches to addressing health issues that affect dog’s quality of life.

    IPFD Articles


    Many national kennel clubs, other cynological organizations (e.g. breed clubs) have developed guidelines, approaches or programs to:

  1. describe and evaluate the health of specific breeds
  2. outline guidelines or regulations for screening tests or other assessments on potential breeding dogs
  3. raise awareness about issues in a given breed.


These programs take different forms in different countries. In this section we will provide information on various approaches and programs and direct you to online resources. For general guidelines (not breed-specific) see also: country-specific General Breeding and Ethical Guidelines.



IPFD Partners' Educational Resources


IPFD Partner YouTube Resources

In this article, we provide links to our Partners' YouTube channels and videos of particular interest to the DogWellNet Community. These videos may cover topics such as behavior testing, breed specific evaluations, tools for education, and explanations of health related programs.














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