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The SKK (Swedish Kennel Club) registry and breeding statistics

    There are approximately 780,000 dogs in Sweden. All breeders who are members of the SKK register their puppies in the SKK database. Approximately 70% of Sweden’s total canine population is registered with SKK. The registers are accessible to the public, and anyone can view them on the SKK website through Dog Data (Hunddata) internet service. The register contains pedigree data and results from various competitions, trials and tests, as well as the results of genetic health programmes administered by SKK. This gives buyers the opportunity to obtain a lot of information before purchasing their puppy, and breeders the possibility to evaluate their breeding stock.


    As an additional service to breeders and breed clubs, the SKK website also features the Breeding Records service (Avelsdata) including breeding statistics for both individual dogs and for each breed as a whole. The statistics are based on results from health programmes, the dog mentality assessment, official competitions, and dog shows, as well as pedigree information. For individual dogs, individual records as well as statistics for littermates, full-sibs and offspring are available. The pedigree and coefficient of inbreeding is shown for each dog. Moreover, the service includes an option to calculate the expected inbreeding coefficient for offspring resulting from a planned mating. The population-wide information provides a general picture of the development and status of a breed as a whole, including statistics on number of registrations, dogs used for breeding, health traits, behaviour traits and average levels of inbreeding by birth year. The Breeding Records service is accessible to everyone and has become extremely popular. The transparency and opportunity to obtain information is relatively unusual from an international kennel club perspective.


    The Breeding Records service can be found here (the service is currently only available in Swedish).




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