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Dogs - The Ideal Match for a Lifetime

    Lifestyle, priorities, resources and reasons for keeping dogs have a bearing on compatibility of dogs with people. 

    Conditions included in this listing may impact a dog's health and welfare as well as influence the quality of the relationship owners have with their dogs.

    Educational Resources are available from Kennel & Breed Clubs and Dog welfare organizations - resources to aid owners and puppy buyers in choosing a breed and tips for management of dog's health, along with considerations for exercise, training, potential financial matters, the dog's physical and mental requirements. Knowledge of and expectations for what it's potentially like to live with a breed of dog can enhance the human – canine bond.




    Swedish Kennel Club

    Swedish Kennel Club

    Breed: ALL



    Links to how to buy a puppy, dog owner advice and links to breed clubs among other resources are available.

    The sources from which a puppy can be obtained vary. Be CAREFUL!

    Please see:

    Go to: where you can find the presentations of some of the nearly 300 different dog breeds puppies for sale and contact information for the breed club affiliated breeders. Also are a ton of tips and advice for you as a new owner of the dog.

    Country - Sweden


    The French Kennel Club

    The French Kennel Club

    Breed: ALL

    The French Kennel Club offers numerous articles and tools that relate to keeping and breeding pedigree dogs in France. From general information on husbandry to Breed-specific health and welfare management tips and resources, the French KC is France's premier source for information on dog breeds.

    See The Ten Commandments of a Good Master:

    See the Guide to Good Practices in dog breeding:

    Find a Club is a search engine allows you to find the breed clubs (s) affiliated to the Société Centrale Canine. They manage one or more races and have as a main mission to ensure the selection and promotion.

    If you are looking for a club of breed, type the breed you're interested in, and you will be redirected to the breed club that manages it.

    The responsibility of a dog owner:

    Country - France


    The Kennel Club UK

    The Kennel Club

    Breed: ALL


    Included resources:

    Are you ready to own a dog?

    10% of people told us that they bought their puppy on an impulse! It's essential to consider how this new member of your family will impact on your life.
    Are you ready?

    Learn more about buying a dog

    More information about buying a dog, including what to ask your breeder, what equipment you'll need to purchase and the importance of pet insurance.
    Buying a dog

    Caring for your new puppy

    There's a lot to consider before you bring your puppy home, including feeding, walking, training, vaccination, socialisation and child safety.
    Puppy care tips

    There's a lot to consider if you're thinking about getting a dog, including finding out if you’re ready for a puppy, choosing the right breed to suit your lifestyle and then, researching a responsible breeder. New owners also need to make sure they can provide the best care for their puppy, which is why we’re encouraging people to #BePuppywise.

    Country - UK


    Finnish Kennel Club

    Finnish Kennel Club

    Breed: ALL


    Pick a breed with care.

    Different breeds are developed for different use purposes. That is why you should consider which breed will suit your lifestyle the best. It is a good idea to find out about things like the typical temperament, exercise needs, natural instincts, coat care requirements and trainability of different breeds before picking a dog. Possible interest in a dog-related activity should be taken into account when considering breed options.



    Help for selecting a breed is available through the breed test and breed presentations included in the Finnish Kennel Club's website (in Finnish).

    You can start looking for a puppy in the Finnish Kennel Club’s Puppy List. The websites of breed clubs are likewise good places to look up lists of breeders. Further information about breeds can be obtained from, for example, the puppy advisor of the respective breed club.

    Examine information about a pup's dam and sire also via the Finnish Kennel Club's Breeding Database, which will give you access to, among other things, health results, pedigrees and show and trial results.

    Country - Finland


    The Dutch Kennel Club

    Raad van Beheer - Hounden von Honden

    Breed: ALL

    Information on Pedigree dogs for puppy buyers


    Start your search on our website for information about all breeds of dog. Check out the Breed pages for basic descriptions and links to breed clubs.

    The reasons for choosing a well-bred pedigree dog are many... check out the short videos and posters for an overview of pedigree dogs

    Invest in learning whether a breed fits with your lifestyle and the dog's breeder is committed to a ensuring a healthier future for the dogs - IMPORTANT:  Know what you choose

    Country - The Netherlands


    The Canadian Kennel Club

    The Canadian Kennel Club (EN)

    Breed: ALL

    Deciding to Get a Dog

    Be prepared to make a commitment to the care and well-being of your dog from puppyhood to old age - considerations

    Choosing a Breed

    Excerpts ...consider the following from the point of view of a mature dog when developing your short list:
    Size... Determines space requirement
    Coat Type... Determines grooming time needed
    Energy Level... Determines space requirement and exercise needs
    Original Purpose...Indicates instinctive activity (i.e., barking, protecting, retrieving, etc.)
    Temperament... Determines obedience needs, level of independence or attachment, aggressive or passive nature, etc
    Allergies... Some breeds cause less suffering for allergy patients

    Recognized Clubs are great places to gather key information on breeds.

    Visit CKC's Puppy List


    Country - Canada


    Norwegian Kennel Club

    Norsk Kennel Klub

    Breed: ALL

    The choice of dog breed


    The advantage of selecting a purebred dog is that you will, almost without exception, find a breed that fits perfectly with you and your everyday life. You just need to spend some time select the breed that fits your life best. Topics here include:

    The dog's function and your expectations

    Why choose a purebred dog?

    The more knowledge you have about dog breeds the more competent you are to choose a dog breed you going to thrive with.

    Smugglers and Phishing - How to avoid traps when purchasing a puppy

    The choice of the breeder and Raseklubben - are resources for puppy buyers.

    Country - Norway


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