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International Partnership for Dogs - Enhancing Dog Health, Well-Being, and Welfare - Join Us


Includes directions to: Key Areas/Features; What is visible/available to guests and various membership categories; Search functions and tips

5 entries in this category

  1. Basic Site Navigation

    Here we describe the key navigational elements of DogWellNet

  2. Accessing Content on DogWellNet: Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to common questions about viewing and posting content on DogWellNet

  3. Using the Search Function

    View tips for using the DogWellNet Search function

  4. What's New on DogWellNet? Using the Activity Streams Feature


    Activity Streams allow you to easily monitor recent site activity that is of particular interest to you.

  5. How to View in Other Languages

    Here, we offer tips for viewing in languages other than English.


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