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Search Term: Chihuahuas

Results for Chihuahuas
Health Issue/County
Strongest Recommendation
Anatomic Conditions R2
Cardiac/Circulatory R1 R2
Coat Characteristics R1
Dental Issues/Teeth R2 R2
Epilepsy R2
Eye Disease R1 R2
Hip R2
Neurological R2
Other breed-specific considerations R2 R2
Patella R1 R1
Population/Genetic Diversity R2
Reproductive R2
Temperament R2
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    The IPFD Breeds Database includes basic breed information as well as videos, standards, health strategies and data, populations data, links to national and international breed clubs, and more. Material collected and curated by IPFD Team experts and, wherever available, submitted by collaborating breed clubs. More collaborators very welcome! Contact us at to participate.


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