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    Brief Description: 

    The national dog of Finland, the Finnish Spitz, is by far the oldest of all the Finnish breeds. It was bred directly from the native landrace dog population without crossbreeding, and it has followed the Finnish people since ancient times. A dog similar to the Finnish Spitz has been found in prehistoric cave paintings. The Finnish people lived in isolated residential areas in the wilderness in the Northern part of Finland, from Kainuu all the way to Murmansk, and their dogs remained purer in comparison with dogs living more south where they easily got mixed with other dogs.

    See More:  From the Finnish Dog Museum (Online)

    Links to Breed Descriptions: 

    From:  Kennelliito (The Finnish Kennel Club)  Native Breeds: Finnish Spitz


    knero2 finnish spitz.jpg"The Finnish Spitz is the end result of high-standard domestic breeding work. It was bred directly out of the native landrace dog population without crossbreeding, making it a real rarity as a hunting dog on the international level as well.

    The Finnish Spitz primarily barks at birds perched in trees, using its voice to indicate the location of game. It is mostly used to hunt forest game birds, but also to some extent as an elk-hunting dog as well as to hunt small game and retrieve birds shot into the water.

    When retrieving game, the Finnish Spitz will move over a distance of 100 - 500 metres and often even further away from the hunter. The connection with the hunter will be retained in spite of this distance, however. It finds birds on the ground or in trees with the help of its extremely sensitive nose and is capable of tracking an escaping bird for several hundred metres in even the most difficult terrain. It indicates the location of the bird with its bark and behaviour, and will try to keep the bird in the tree by barking until the hunter gets there."  read more...



    Finnish Spitz Club -- Finnish Spitz - Breed Description -- Finland's National Breed

    Also see:  Finnish Spitz breed Standard Explained

    Excerpt / Content Explanation

    "The object of the book is to help the reader develop a clear picture of what the Finnish Spitz is and what it should be.
    The primary intention of these notes and explanations develop from the Finnish Spitz breed standard, is to introduce new judges as well as those experienced in judging other breeds, to Finland's national breed. Writer hopes that they will also be useful to breeders, exhibitors and owners who wish to understand the finer points of this breed."



    And from the American Kennel Club (IPFD Founding Partner):


    AKC Video (link - https://youtu.be/sRMKFLsISQk):

    View more videos on AKC's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AmericanKennelClub




    Other Names for Breed: 
    • Finsk spets
    • Suomenpystykoira
    • Spitz finlandais
    • Spitz finlandés
    • Finnen-Spitz



    Country of Origin and Parent Breed Club: 


    Finnish Kennel Club - An IPFD Founding Partner !


    WOW!  Awesome new link;  The Finnish Canine Museum.  Fabulous online resource and the first focus is on the National Breed of Finland ... the Finnish Spitz.  Everything here on history, art and more.


    Finnish spitz in online museum2.png


    Health and Well-Being: 

    Some sources of health information include:

    • National kennel clubs and breed clubs (see, e.g. Breeding/Health Strategy Documents, below)
    • Population-level statistics (see, e.g., Swedish Insurance Data, below)
    • Research articles
    • Breed club surveys

    Breed Standards: 

    There are numerous breed standards.

    The basis of breed/conformation shows is the judging of pedigree dogs against the 'Breed Standard', which is a picture in words that describes the range of features that are deemed appropriate for the breed.

    Three of the major international standards are:

    The American Kennel Club

    The Kennel Club, UK

    FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)

    Breed-Specific Statistics: 

    1. Swedish Insurance Data

    • Breed-specific information on rates of disease and death from Agria Pet Insurance (Agria Djurförsäkring) is available for many breeds.
    This breed has information on Veterinary Care and Life Insurance.
    2. Finnish Kennel Club:

    Breeding/Health Strategy Documents: 

    Health/Breeding Strategy Documents and Links:

    1. The Kennel Club, UK: Breed Watch
    2. Sweden: Breed-specific Breeding Strategies: (in Swedish) and/ or English summary
    3. Finland: Summary of the Breed-Specific Breeding Program (JTO) Finnish Spitz -- 2016-2020

    This file contains extensive information and statistics in English pertaining to the breed management strategy for the Finnish Spitz breed.pawprint15x15transparent.png


    logo-Finnish Spitz Club.pngFinnish Spitz Club - The Spitz Club of Finland (Suomen Pystykorvajärjestö-Finska Spetsklubben r.y. (SPJ-FSK r.y.)




    Website: http://www.spj.fi/en/frontpage/

    Contact persons: http://www.spj.fi/en/finnish+spitz+club/activities/contact/



    logo-Finnish Spitz Club.png

    Breed-Specific DNA Tests: 

    The Kennel Club list of DNA tests available for each breed along with an indication as to whether the test is part of the Assured Breeder Scheme (recommended or required) and whether it is recorded on the Kennel Club registration database.http://www.dogwellnet.com/content/_/health-and-breeding/screening-tests/dna/dna-tests-for-use-in-breeding-decisions/the-kennel-club-breed-specific-dna-tests-upd-r234

    Breed-Specific Articles: 



    Other Breed-Specific Webpages: 



    Breed-Specific Research: 



    Breed Clubs: 

    We are listing sites for breed clubs with health or other information that might be helpful. Follow links below.


    Finland:  Finnish Spitz Club - The Spitz Club of Finland (Suomen Pystykorvajärjestö-Finska Spetsklubben r.y. (SPJ-FSK r.y.)

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