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Introduction to Module 2: “How Can You Promote Informed Decision-Making in Acquiring a Purebred Dog?”

    Deciding what breed or type of dog to choose can be a difficult decision, especially when it comes to purebred dogs. Promoting informed decision-making includes providing information on purpose, physical characteristics, and temperament of certain breeds, sources of dogs, and choosing a reputable breeder. This module introduces tools to address these complexities and guide the acquisition of a purebred dog. 



    As a veterinary student working on this IPFD project, it is my hope that this module encourages veterinarians, veterinary students, and breeders to engage with clients and puppy buyers in choosing the best dog for their family. Discussion questions foster conversations on how informed decisions can improve breeding practices, welfare, and health of purebred dogs. This module encourages communication and collaboration to enhance the well-being of purebred dogs. 



    Module Goals:

    • Identify factors that influence decisions to acquire a purebred dog. 
    • Learn how these factors impact the health and welfare of dogs and human-dog interactions.  
    • Critically evaluate how to guide informed decisions related to acquiring purebred dogs.  





    Intended Audience


    • Designed for small animal veterinarians, veterinary students and breeders, and is applicable to anyone interested in the health and welfare of purebred dogs.
    • The module may be completed individually or used in a group setting (classroom, work, or clinic). 


    Time Frame:

    • Individually the module should take about 30-45 minutes to complete.
    • In a group the module could take 1-2 hours depending on the level of discussion. 



    To Take Module 2:
    Click on the Google Slides link below to open the module. 

    Module 2: “How Can You Promote Informed Decision-Making in Acquiring a Purebred Dog?” 

    For a PDF version of the survey presented in the module CLICK HERE.

    This PDF can be used live on a computer or printed as a handout for teaching purposes and to foster group discussion. 





    We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your comments once you have finished the module. In addition, if you have resources that would benefit this module, please leave those in the comments below. To comment, please register on


    For additional information on other aspects of the IPFD Student Project see the project outline for ‘A Veterinarian’s Role in the Ethics and Welfare of Breeding Dogs





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