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Breeder Education - The Norwegian Kennel Club

    Breeder Education


    The Breeders School (Oppdretterskolen) of the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) was established in 1992. This education for dog breeders include two week-end seminars, which are hold in all the 11 regions of the Norwegian Kennel Club, to make the education available for breeders all over the country.
    Everybody will have a lot to learn on these courses, both people who consider having their first litter, as well as breeders with life-long experience.

    A major point in the breeding strategy of the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) is to make the breeders fully aware of their responsibility, both to the dogs selected for breeding as well as the puppies, the byers as well as the modern society. We want to focus on knowledge, cooperation, respect and honesty among breeders and dog owners. This education is basic for achieving the main goal in fog breeding: Functionally healthy dogs, with breed typical conformation and mentality, dogs that can live a long and healthy life, to the benefit for the owners, the society as well as the dog itself.


    The courses of NKK Breeders School are very popular among dog breeders. The biggest “problem” has been to find big enough lecture halls to include all the breeders that want to attend. There are 60-170 participants on every course, depending on where in our sparsely peopled country the seminars are arranged. The teachers are the same on all the courses, and are veterinarians employed (or earlier employed) by the NKK. Each year NKK arrange 4-6 courses.


    Current information from the NKK on breeding dogs is available at:


    The book «Genetikk, Avl og Oppdrett» (“Genetics and breeding»), 315 pages, covers most of the lectures at the seminars. Course 1 include basic genetics, selection and combination of animals for breeding, how to emphasize the different qualities and characteristics of the individual dog and breeds, the use of screening results, DNA-tests etc. Ethics, health and overall view are central subjects.

    Shop for the book:

    Course 2 is mainly about reproduction, pregnancy, obstetrics as well as pediatrics. Health and disease of the bitch and puppies are central issues. What is a normal birth – and when should I contact the veterinarian? How can I help save weak puppies if the mother is sick? What is my responsibility for the puppies and the buyers? This, and much more, are issues on Course 2.


    Download full article


    Provided by By Astrid Indrebø - One of our DogWellNet Experts


    Also see: Healthy Dog Breeding--The Value of Breeding Programmes

    World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
    Astrid Indrebo, DVM, PhD

Edited by Ann Milligan

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