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    The Kennel Club Breeder Tools and Resources
    For those new to the world of purebred dog breeding, The Kennel Club has a resource called: Introduction to breeding which offers a list of practical considerations people should address before breeding a dog. This article also contains links to other informative Breeder Education resources and materials prepared by The Kennel Club to aid breeders in their management to further the objective of producing sound, healthy purebred dogs.

    There are Important considerations for all dog breeders such as:

    • Responsible dog breeders believe that each litter that they breed, should be an improvement on the parents.
    • Responsible dog breeders give careful consideration to health issues, temperament and soundness.
    • Responsible dog breeders plan ahead of each mating so as to ensure that each puppy produced will be bred in the best possible environment.
    • Responsible dog breeders accept responsibility for a puppy which they have bred, and make themselves available to give advice, help and information to new owners.

    When you are ready for your first litter go HERE to get answers to:

    When should I breed from my bitch?
    How long are bitches in whelp?
    How do I find a suitable stud dog?
    Legal contracts
    What should I do before breeding?

    Specific health screening advice

    "There are a number of steps breeders can and should take to increase the chances of breeding happy and healthy puppies. Breeding advice and information on how to use a range of health tests and screening schemes can be found"  HERE






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