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The struggle against hypertypes: an old dog fancier’s point of view

    Here we feature a text entitled The struggle against hypertypes: an old dog fancier’s point of view, by Raymond Triquet, France from the book,  Standards, Health and Genetics in the Dog. (Read more about the book here.)

    "PREAMBLE... This text has been published in French in three journals (Ethnozootechnie, Revue de la Cynophilie Française, and the Bulletin de la SADB); the originality of its presentation in this book does not therefore lie in a new version of the text in French, but in its distribution to a wider international audience through its English translation."

    The English Version

    For the French version see - Ethnozootechnie n° 93 – 2012. pp 89-92.



    1 Raymond Triquet le 7 juin 2016, Barris d'Auberoche (F).jpgPr. Triquet addresses hypertypes, matters of perception of beauty, dog showing and judging, the importance of Breed Standards and Club Newsletters in relating correct ideas about dogs qualities. The guiding statement made is that "beautiful dogs must also be happy dogs".


    Pr. Triquet concludes, "Purebred dogs, sometimes to their misfortune, are dependent on humans, and it is therefore down to mankind to demonstrate moderation in all things."




    A profile of Professor Triquet appeared in Modern Molosser magazine... great pictures and back story of an educator and dog fancier.


    BOOK: Standards, santé et génétique chez le chien | Standards, Health and Genetics in the Dog

    - 396 pages -
    ISBN: 978274669-673-0
    Where might you inquire about this book?  
    Publishing house: Société Centrale Canine -- 155 avenue Jean Jaurès / 93535 AUBERVILLIERS Cedex

Edited by Ann Milligan

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