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Animal Welfare in Modern Dog Breeding (Norwegian Kennel Club)

    This article discusses the benefits and risks to imposing extensive health requirements on the breeding of dogs, and outlines the alternate approach of the Norwegian Kennel Club.



    The full open access article is available in our Downloads section under Breeding:

    Animal welfare in modern dog breeding by Astrid Indrebø - One of our DogWellNet Experts pawprint15x15transparent.thumb.png.cb21f



    From the Introduction:


    "During the last few years a growing number of European kennel clubs have made an increasing number of rules and regulations for dog breeding, mainly concerning hip dysplasia (HD), elbow dysplasia (ED) and diagnoses based on DNA tests. However, despite the good intentions for improving health through strict regulations, the results can often be harmful to many breeds. Too heavy restrictions promote too heavy selection, thereby leading to matador breeding, inbreeding and decreased gene pools, and may result in an increased number of unregistered dogs with no health policy at all. Strict rules against certain diseases may also lead to an increase in other serious diseases which can not be detected through screening tests or DNA tests, consequently not being subject for eradication programs.


    The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) has chosen another way to promote healthy dog breeding: recommendations, education and cooperation with the breeders and breed clubs."


    Provided by Astrid Indrebø - One of our DogWellNet Experts pawprint15x15transparent.thumb.png.5eabc




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