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    1. Dogs must always be treated well and be kept in a way that allow them to express their natural need for movement, exercise, activity and social contact. Participation in a dog show or trial is not necessary to maintain the welfare of the dog, but is the choice of the owners as part of their hobby or interest. It is the owners' responsibility to maintain the welfare of the dog at all times.


    2. The integrity and self-worth of the dog must always be respected, regardless of the owners' goals and ambitions, or the dogs "value" as a show- or trial dog. No aspect of participating in the competition can be allowed to have a negative effect on the welfare of the dog.


    3. Training and preparation prior to shows or trials should never be stressful or cause physical or mental discomfort for the dog.


    4. The dog must be mentally and physically suited to participate in the show or trial. If the dog display obvious signs of fear and/or unhappiness, or has visible signs of injury that hinders it, it cannot participate. Dogs must be provided with enough rest.


    5. Puppies and young dogs need special awareness. They should be gradually accustomed to busy, loud and potentially frightening experiences. This socialisation process cannot happen faster that what is suitable for the specific individuals' personality and reactions to the environment.


    6. During transport to and from shows and competitions, the dog should have enough space to sit, stand up, turn around, stretch and lay down in a natural position. The temperature in the area where the dog is kept must be controlled so that it is neither too hot nor too cold.


    7. At the show or completion ground, the dog can only be stalled (for example in a cage) when this is done in a safe manner. The dog must have at least enough space to sit, stand up, turn around, stretch and lay down in a natural position. The dog must be protected from too hot or too cold temperatures, as well as stress and loud noise as much as possible. Dogs cannot be left unattended for more than short periods.


    8. The dog should never be handled in a tight leash that cause discomfort to the dog. The dog should never be forced to stand in unnatural positions and must never be lifted by its tail or collar/leash. Even if this handling might not always cause harm to small or light dogs, it is disrespectful to the dog and offensive to the audience.


    9. Coat and presentation must never be so extensive that it affects the welfare of the dog in a negative manner. Heavy coated breeds must be allowed to live a normal life, and have equal opportunities to fulfil their needs for exercise and activity. Grooming cannot last for hours without breaks. If the dogs head is fixated in a so-called noose, extreme caution must be made to ensure the dog is not harmed. A dog can, under no circumstance, be left unattended in the noose.


    The Norwegian Kennel Club's ethical guidelines for keeping and training dogs can be found by scanning the QR code with your smartphone or tablet (see attached PDF document for QR code).


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