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The French Kennel Club (SCC): Official Guidelines for Ethical Breeding

    Breed clubs are in charge of the selection for their breed(s). They decide of the compulsory health and temperament tests, as well as of the conditions required in order to obtain national titles. They give instructions to judges and are responsible for their training. They also elaborate their own breeding charters, including the ethic code.


    The Société Centrale Canine defined the conditions to obtain the label Selected Kennel as follows:
    1. Respect of animal well-being and welfare: the living conditions of dogs have to be appropriated to their breed
    2. The ethic code of the breeder

    • The breeder applying for the label has to respect the regulations concerning all the breeds he breeds for a period defined by the breed club (usually a 3 year span)
    • To own an affix
    • To breed maximum 3 litters in 24 months from the same bitch; if the breed club does not decide of more restrictive measures.
    • To be a member of the breed club in charge of the breed for which the label Selected kennel is required; to subscribe to the magazine edited by the breed club
    • To have never been the subject of a justified complaint concerning the keeping of the kennel or the state of the puppies sold,
    • To produce exclusively subjects registered with the LOF (otherwise the label is immediately withdrawn)
    • To do not buy and resell dogs on regular basis
    • To accept the visit of a person nominated by the SCC at the kennel and to give to this person access to the documents of the application file
    • To transmit the pedigree of the puppy to his new owner, even if the dog will not be able to be bred of later
    • To transmit to the new owner of the puppy a document edited by the breed club, containing information about the breed and breeding guidelines, as well as an invitation to become a member of the breed club.
    • To attend a training course for breeders, if the breeder produces two or more litters per year

    3. Quality of breeding animals

    • 3.1 DNA identification: dams and sires have to be genetically identified.
    • 3.2 Health: all genitors must fulfill the health criteria corresponding to 3 or 4 points of the scoring system (Cotations, in French), according to the decision of the breed club.
      For ex. in order to have 3 points, the dog has to pass the confirmation test (breeding suitability test) + get an “Excellent” in a dog show (Specialty or Regional or National Breed Show or Championship Show) or field trial + to pass a Natural Aptitudes Test (TAN) or Temperament Test + and health screening (for ex. hip-dysplasia, eye disease screening, etc.). In order to have 4 points, the dog must get “Excellent” in several shows or field trials.
    • 3.3 Temperament and performance: at the appreciation of the breed club.




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