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    Here we offer answers to some frequently asked questions about the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs.

    Why don’t I see the Laboratory I normally use?

    Why can’t I find my breed?searchbybreed.png

    • The HGTD database includes standard breed names defined by the FCI, in English, as well as many breed-types and synonyms provided by genetic test providers. In addition, we have guide lists for breed names in several languages, which you can find in the Search by Breed section of the HGTD database. If you believe a breed is missing, you can let us know in the comments section below.

    Why can’t I find a test for the disease I’m looking for?

    • The HGTD database includes genetic tests provided by participating genetic test providers (GTPs) as well as a small number of additional canine genetic tests listed on the OMIA (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals) resource. You may not be able to find your disease test because it is not currently offered or referenced by either a GTP or OMIA, or you may be looking for a test for a disease that has not yet been developed. Many canine diseases do not yet have genetic tests associated with them.

    Why can’t I find a specific test that I know is in my breed?

    • The HGTD database includes genetic tests provided by participating genetic test providers (GTPs) as well as a small number of additional canine genetic tests listed on the OMIA (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals) resource. You may not be able to find your disease test because it is not currently offered or referenced by either a GTP or OMIA. It is also possible you could be searching using an alternative name for a disease. You can try searching by looking at the tests available for your breed or searching using a synonym for the disease you are looking for. Don't forget to try searching under "ALL" - sometimes tests that are available for all breeds are not listed under the breed-specific tests available. If you think we are missing a common disease name, or there is a test you believe is missing, please let us know.

    Why don’t you show tests for other animals, like cats?

    • We love cats! But, the International Partnership for Dogs, and the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs project is focused exclusivelyon dogs at the moment. We would love to see more resources like this for other species, but dogs are our focus. Many of the genetic test providers (GTPs) listed also offer tests for other animals, so you might still find useful information by searching our GTP data.

    Is there breeding advice for specific tests?searchbytest.png

    • We plan to develop genetic advice resources in the near future. At the moment, you can find some disease-specific information in the Search by Test/Disease section, which includes useful information about diseases, and some breed-specific information about disease testing. Many of the genetic test providers also offer different types of breeding advice as part of their testing service. For independent breeding advice, or advice not related to specific tests, you can find much more information about breeding advice on the main DogWellNet website including links to IPFD collaborators, who may be able to provide information in a variety of languages.

    How do I know which test provider is best for me?

    • The HGTD database provides a wide variety of information on all the participating genetic test providers (GTPs). This data can help you to choose the GTP that provides the services and testing you are interested in, as well as be informative about the different quality indicators GTPs have. You can also read more about accreditation, and the different international quality indicators available in the HGTD Database Resources.

    Where can I get general breeding advice?











    Some selected articles on genetics and breeding can be found on the Harmonization database, under DWN Genetic Resources.

    For general information on breeding and international projects supporting health, visit the main DogWellNet website. You can find links to resources and information, sometimes in a variety of languages, as well as blogs, forums, and education tools developed by the IPFD.

    Our collaborators include a wide-variety of international Kennel Clubs, Breed Clubs, breeders, veterinary industry leaders, expert panels across many specialisms including genetics and other researchers, and more.







    Why can’t I find genetic test information on hip or elbow dysplasia screening? Or eye exams?

    • The HGTD only includes genetic test provider information on DNA tests. Screening schemes such as for hips, elbows, eyes, and heart are all what is often called “clinical” examinations. This requires a physical examination of the dog, or X-rays of the dog and are not included in genetic testing information.


    Where can I find a test for what breed I have?

    • The HGTD currently holds test information for defined breeds, and breed-types, including some forms of identification such as parentage. If you are unsure of the type of dog you have, some of the genetic test providers (GTPs) do offer some mixed-breed testing. Please view the GTPs' websites directly for more information.


    I’m an expert, and I think I’ve found an error in your disease/phene/test information, who do I contact?

    • We welcome expert feedback! You can email us via our contact us form with details on the error. It is especially helpful if you can provide literature references, or other professional resources to support any changes.


    I use a really good test provider, and I’d like them to be included on the database, who do I contact?

    • If you are a test provider and would like to participate in the HGTD, click here for information. If you wish to explore sponsorship opportunities, please contact our HGTD Project Director at
    • If you are a dog owner who has had a really great experience with a test provider, please feel free to contact your test provider and encourage them to join the HGTD!


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