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    A recent publication authored by members of the HGTD puts forward a suggested system of standards and guidelines for canine genetic testing laboratories.

    Standards and guidelines for canine clinical genetic testing laboratories



    See the IPFD commentary on this publication, in the context of Improving Canine Genetic Testing.


    First Online: 13 November 2018...

    The paper sets out a series of standard requirements the authors feel should provide both minimum and optimal standards for any canine genetic testing laboratory, including: personnel, facilities, quality practices, privacy issues, and a section on test validation and results reporting. A self-assessment check list is also available. While not all aspects of the self-assessment will be applicable to all genetic test providers, it is one way that test providers may choose to improve the quality of direct to consumer genetic testing.


    Authors and affiliations

        Lisa G. Shaffer, Kyle Sundin, Anja Geretschlaeger, Julia Segert, June E. Swinburne, Ramon Royal, Robert Loechel, Christina J. Ramirez, Blake C. Ballif

        1. Paw Print Genetics Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. - Spokane, USA
        2. Feragen GmbH - Salzburg, Austria
        3. Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd. - Cambridge, UK
        4. VetGen, LLC. - Ann Arbor, USA


    PDF Version: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs00439-018-1954-4.pdf

    Shaffer 2018 -Article- Standards And Guidelines For Canine Clinical Genetic Testing Laboratories.pdf (PDF: internal)

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