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Nationwide Insurance - Brachycelphalic Study -- March 2017

    The Nationwide® Brachycephalic Breed Disease Prevalence Study
    Short-nosed breeds more often affected by common conditions, not just known issues

    "A biostatistical analysis of the pet health insurance claims of more than 1.27 million dogs over a nine-year span shows that even after removing conditions linked specifically to brachycephalic breeds, dogs with the structure common to these animals are less healthy than dogs with a more normal canine appearance."

    nationwide-brachy study march 2017.png ♦ Nationwide Insurance - Brachycephalic Study -- March 2017




















    Read the March 2017 review at DVM 360...

    Data: Brachycephalic breeds suffer higher incidences of non-respiratory diseases

    Are brachycephalic breeds doomed for a lifetime of poor health? New data does not look promising for the pug and its fellow flat-nosed friends.

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