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International Collaboration For Dog Health And Welfare. Join Us.

    In this section we will post links to ongoing efforts to address health and welfare in brachycephalic breeds by IPFD Partners and other stakeholders.  We will include material to support international collaborations.  


    Click here to see an index - more brachy articles.





    The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) and DogWellNet.com aim to support efforts to define and address issues of health and welfare in brachycephalic dogs by providing:

    • a transparent and open environment,
    • information sharing, and
    • promotion of and support for international collaboration across stakeholder groups. 

    We look to foster collaboration that starts from:

    • the belief that all involved are committed to promoting health, well-being and good welfare for dogs,
    • a recognition of the complexities of the issue, including the interplay of human-animal interactions and the contribution of varying attitudes across people, cultures and countries.  
    • a need for all those who participate -- organizations, professional groups, individuals -- to be willing to examine their own responsibilities and historical and future roles and to not focus simply on fault-finding and blame. 
    • an understanding that the brachycephalic problem exists within the broader context of health, welfare, and human influences and actions, in general.


    Recent developments in Sweden are the focus of a companion article describing recent developments in Sweden.  Although launched somewhat unilaterally by the veterinary profession, prompting a petition from owners and breeders, the matter has quickly moved into a collaborative effort with the Swedish Kennel Club and other stakeholders.  National and local efforts notwithstanding, it is clear that true and lasting progress on the brachycephalic problem will require an international effort.  IPFD and DogWellNet.com are ready to facilitate any work aimed to enhance dog health, well-being and welfare.




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kennel clubs cannot solve the brachycephalic problem. These breeds are very fashionable at the moment. Frenchies being the most popular breed in NYC!

The vast majority of dogs with brachycephalic airway syndrome ( not to talk about all the other problems, skin, Gi tract etc.) come from puppy mills. In Germany the IKFB ( only FCI club for Frenchies) breeds approx 330 puppies per year, TASSO the largest animal registry in Germany registers each year 6500 Frenchies.

Any more questions?


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