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    Here you will find an overview of breed resources on DogWellNet.com. This is not a comprehensive listing - it is a starting point for finding relevant resources. Please visit the various areas of the site using the purple navigation bar and/or the Search function.



    ♦  Breeds in the DogWellNet Pedigreed Dogs Database

    Each breed listed in the DWN Pedigreed Dogs database contains F.C.I., AKC and Kennel Club UK Breed Standards, links to Illustrated Standards are included when available, Breed Club and international groups links, as well as DWN contributor breed-specific articles and materials. Health Surveys  and health information, including breed-specific Research, links to Kennel and Breed Club Databases is available for many breeds along with breed history, videos, and links to Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Kennel club breeding strategies documents (RAS, JTO and Pevisa translations). 


    ♦   Additional Breed Resources

    A list of Breeds as each is identified in different languages: Swedish, English, FCI names, German, French and Spanish.

    The Kennel Club's Population analysis reports allow breeders to review the unique situation for each breed.

    A description of the Agria Insurance Data files - please note: Breed Club Health Committees who are members of DWN can access Breed data contained in these reports.

    Links to our Partners' YouTube channels and videos of particular interest to the DogWellNet Community. These videos may cover topics such as behavior testing, breed specific evaluations, tools for education, and explanations of health related programs.


    ♦   Native Breeds


    ♦   Partner Breed Resources

    In this article, we take a look at some excellent resources for breeds and breed health available from IPFD and our Partner organizations, including: The American Kennel Club, Agria Animal InsuranceFinnish Kennel ClubGerman Kennel ClubIrish Kennel ClubThe Kennel ClubSwedish Kennel Club, and The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.


    ♦   Breed Specific Documents in DWN Downloads & Breed Specific Health Reports

    These documents are typically noted on a given breed's page in The Pedigreed Dogs Database - these files contain interviews, statistics, studies, reports and presentations.


    ♦   VISIT THE: Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)   ♦




    Breed of the Month

    Here we will feature a breed each month...

    This Month's Breed is the Tibetan Mastiff


    tibetan mastiff-modern.pngA landrace breed from Central Asia... see articles, health and breed details including breed history. Resources offered include an examination of TM coat color as well as several videos, one created by Richard Eichhorn - esteemed judge and breed expert... Check out DWN's DB page for the...

    Agria Insurance statistics are available for this breed!

    VC Agria breed profile 2011-2016

    "The Tibetan Mastiff is a primitive breed used to guard livestock. The breed is highly intelligent, highly protective, and independent thinking dog. Richard Eichhorn has a been involved with this rare dog breed since 1978, he was one of the first advocates for the breed in the United States. Very few animal documentaries will give you insight in to this breed. While at his breeding facility in the California High Dessert, we see a lot of great examples of the Tibetan Mastiff breed. The modern Tibetan Mastiff if only slightly changed from the Ancient dogs of Tibet. Because this is a landrace breed developed over centuries in Southern China, and only recently brought mainstream, this is still a healthy breed. Aloof yet alert the Tibetan Mastiff is quiet and protective of his family, This is an elite canine guard dog. The Tibetan Mastiff developed in the Himalayan Mountains and the plains of Central Asia. The breed has a heavy coat that unlike more domesticated breeds, the coat serve as protection from predators as well as the elements."

    • Many thanks to Lyn Peel for providing guidance and rich content used in development DWN's Tibetan Mastiff page!

    Check out the Tibetan Mastiff!!!








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