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Breed-specific Breeding Strategies - 3rd IDHW follow-up

    The 3rd International Dog Health Workshop held in Paris in April of 2017 included 140 participants from 23 countries and was structured around six important issues facing those who work to improve dog health. The themes covered in Paris included individualized breed-specific strategies for health and breeding, extreme conformations, education and communication in relation to antimicrobial resistance, behavior and welfare, genetic testing and population-based evidence. A number of exciting actions were agreed during the meeting.

    A working group was formed to create tools to help breed clubs accelerate the implementation of breed-health strategies. Here we will present work products created by the  the Breeding Strategies working group.

    The content of the Breed-specific Breeding Strategies - 2017 IDHW follow-up - Version 5 - September 2018.pptx  is based on inputs from:

    • Brenda Bonnett
    • Katy Evans
    • Gregoire Leroy
    • Helena Skarp
    • Ian Seath

    PDF version: Breed-specific Breeding Strategies - 2017 IDHW follow-up - Version 5 - September 2018 - PDF

    Please note: The content presented in the attached PPTX/PDF presentation and excerpts found in the body of this article represent a work in progress.


    Purpose of this document

    • To propose a set of definitions and terminology that can be used for developing frameworks for breed improvement
    • To summarise the currently available frameworks that breeds can use to plan for improvement

    There are examples of Breed-specific Breeding Strategy documents (e.g. RAS, JTO) which provide good starting templates for others to use.

    The UK KC also has a Strategy Guide (The Kennel Club Breed Health Improvement Strategy - A Step by Step Guide) with template examples and now has Breed Health and Conservation Plans.

    • A range of terminology is already in use; we should aim to harmonise, rather than standardise, so that everyone has a common understanding of what is being done.


    3 Levels for planning and improvement


    • This addresses the structure of the population (nationally and internationally)
    • It includes a breed-wide view of health conditions (diseases), longevity, temperament, conformation and working ability (where relevant)
    • It focuses on the objectives and strategies to safeguard and improve the future of a breed

    Health Condition/Disease

    • This addresses specific plans and tactics for dealing with individual health conditions (or behavioural issues)
    • It focuses on screening and testing programmes available to reduce the risks of perpetuating problems and of breeding affected puppies


    • This addresses the individual choices a breeder makes when planning matings
    • It focuses on actions taken to maximise the chances of breeding typical, healthy and temperamentally sound puppies


    language of breed improvement.pngIn addition to the excerpt shown above this document includes...

    • Terminology
    • Definitions
    • Prioritisation
    • Breed-specific Breeding Strategy templates
    • A review of selected Breeding Strategy documents to identify common components
    • Objectives and Actions examples
    • The Language of Breed Improvement - goals, guidance, plans and tactics


Edited by Ann Milligan

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