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Genetic Test Provider Exhibit Tables

    At the 5th International Dog Health Workshop, we'll be featuring several exhibit tables where Genetic Test Providers (GTPs) can show their support for IPFD while promoting their testing services, research, and advice to the more than 150 expected leaders and decision makers from our global canine community an impressive group that includes representatives from kennel clubs, veterinary groups, researchers, insurance companies, welfare groups, and canine charities.

    The exhibit tables will be located within the Poster Session and Registration area, conveniently adjacent to the coffee break/cocktail reception area to encourage mingling and networking. Scroll down for more information on the GTPs exhibiting at the 5th IDHW.


    ***Attention Genetic Test Providers: A Few Spaces Are Still Available***
    Please contact Aimée Llewellyn-Zaidi to reserve your table (subject to availability).





    Genetic Test Providers Exhibiting at the 5th IDHW




    CombiBreed logo white space.jpgCombiBreed offers a diverse array of DNA tests, including those tailored for dogs. Our primary goal is to actively contribute to and invest in the enhancement of animal health and well-being.

    We extend our support to breeders, pet owners, and kennel clubs, collaborating closely with them in the realm of animal care. With extensive experience collaborating with kennel clubs and stud books, we specialize in conducting tests such as parentage verification and assessment of hereditary traits.

    These tests serve as invaluable tools to assist breeders and kennel clubs in optimizing their breeding programs. More information about CombiBreed can be found at






    2016- LOGO RC-VERTICAL LOCK UP-Logos-000006.jpgROYAL CANIN® is part of the Royal Canin Division in the Mars, Incorporated group, and a global leader in Health Through Nutrition for cats and dogs fulfilling its Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

    Its ambition is to go beyond providing science-based, precise nutritional solutions. This entails working together with stakeholders including breeders, pet owners, veterinarians, governments, and industry bodies to create an environment that nurtures and creates optimal health and well-being for cats and dogs.

    Today the entire pet ecosystem is facing two key, interrelated challenges: a rise in illegal pet trade and extreme breeding.

    This is why ROYAL CANIN® developed CHOOSE HEALTH, a collaborative program of activities dedicated to fighting these two complex challenges. The initiative focuses on driving responsible pet ownership and responsible breeding, for a world that puts pet health first over physical appearance.




    **More Exhibitor Listings Coming Soon!**



    IPFD thanks all exhibiting GTPs for supporting IPFD and the 5th International Dog Health Workshop!




    Genetic Test Providers Supporting IPFD's Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) Initiative

    HGTD-logo.jpgMany of our exhibiting GTPs are supporters of IPFD's HGTD initiative, which was created to improve standardization of, and access to, robust genetic testing to support health improvements and a sustainable future for healthy dogs.

    The HGTD is a unique, free portal for  information on Genetic Test Providers (labs); genetic tests, and tests by breed. There are two major components: the Quality Testing Database and Genetic Counselling resources. Learn More



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