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4th IDHW Plenary - Speakers, Theme Leaders, Contributing Experts

    Below is a listing of 4th IDHW Speakers, Theme Leaders, Contributing Experts, Facilitators - By Theme


    Theme #1: The Concept of ‘Breed’

    Helena Skarp, Head of Dept. of Breeding and Health, Swedish Kennel Club, Sweden (Theme Leader/Speaker)

    Prof. Peter Friedrich, President VDH (German Kennel Club); Member, Standards Commission of the FCI, Germany (Speaker)

    Dr. Astrid Indrebø, Veterinarian, The Norwegian Kennel Club, Norway (Facilitator)

    Nina Hansen, Veterinarian, Norwegian Kennel Club, Norway (Note Taker)

    Theme #2: Supply and Demand

    Prof. Candace Croney, Director, Center for Animal Welfare Science; Professor, Animal Behavior and Well-Being, Purdue University, USA (Speaker)

    Sarah Ross, Four Paws, Germany (Speaker)

    James Stephens, Pet Behaviour Counsellor, Chair of Health, Welfare and Behaviour Committee, Irish Kennel Club, Ireland (Speaker)

    Gareth Arnott, Queen's University Belfast, UK (Facilitator)

    Nick Blayney, Dog Health Group Member, The Kennel Club, UK (Resource Expert)

    Tori McEvoy, Queen's University Belfast, UK (Note Taker)

    Theme #3: Breed-Specific Health Strategies

    Ian Seath, Chair of Dachshund Breed Council; Improvement Skills Consulting, UK (Theme Leader/Speaker)

    Gregoire Leroy, Geneticist, INRA/AgroParisTech - Génétique Animale et Biologie Intégrative, France/Italy; FCI Scientific Commission; SCC, France

    (Speaker/Resource Expert)

    Per Arne Flatberg, Pedigree Database, Norway (Resource Expert)

    Hannah James, The Kennel Club, UK (Note Taker)

    Theme #4: Genetic Testing for Dogs

    Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi, Project Director, Harmonization of Genetic Testing in Dogs, IPFD, USA (Theme Leader/Speaker)

    Dr. Claire Wade, Medical and Behavioural Genetics and Genomics, University of Sydney, Australia (Speaker/Resource Expert)

    Sue Pearce-Kelling, USA (Facilitator)

    Dr. Jerold Bell, Veterinarian, Tufts University (Clinical Genetics); WSAVA, USA (Resource Expert)

    Dr. Tom Lewis, Quantitative Geneticist, The Kennel Club, UK (Resource Expert)

    James Skinner, The Kennel Club, UK (Note Taker)

    Theme #5: Exaggerations and Extremes in Dog Conformation

    Prof. Åke Hedhammar, Veterinary Advisor, Swedish Kennel Club; WSAVA Hereditary Disease Committee (Theme Leader/Speaker)

    Tamzin Furtado, Animal Welfare Consultant, Human Behaviour Change for Animals, UK (Speaker/Resource Expert)

    Dr. Pekka Olson, IPFD/Swedish Kennel Club, Sweden (Facilitator)

    Dr. Monique Megens, Veterinarian, Past President, FECAVA; WSAVA, The Netherlands (Resource Expert)

    Lotta Olsson, Swedish Kennel Club, Sweden (Note Taker)



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