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DogWellNet Digest: Issue #58 - 29 February 2024


    In This Issue:

    • News & Highlights


    Spotlight 2020.png

    IPFD logoilla 800 x 800 päivitetty 19.2. v2.pngRegister Now for the
    IPFD 5
    th International Dog Health Workshop
    “Partners in Dog Health”
    (13-15 June 2024, Helsinki, Finland)






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    IPFD logoilla 800 x 800 päivitetty 19.2. v2.png

    News & Highlights

    News from IPFD

    • Registration is now open for the IPFD 5th International Dog Health Workshop (13-15 June 2024, Helsinki, Finland) - “Partners in Dog Health”. Get details using the link above or by scrolling down to the Spotlight feature.








    •  A new article on, The International Partnership for Dogs: 2023 Milestones and Ongoing Work in 2024, highlights IPFD’s key accomplishments in 2023 and ongoing work in 2024. We’ll feature many of these milestones and more in our 2023 Annual Report, currently in development. We encourage you to share this article within your organizations and with your colleagues in the dog world to spread the word on the important work we’re doing together.




    Breeds Resources

    This month, we feature IPFD's Get a GRIHP! on Breed Health Initiative

    Grihp 3.pngIPFD's Globally Relevant Integrated Health Profiles (GRIHPs) describe the Big Picture of health on (all) conditions that are of interest within a breed and is intended to inform owners, breeders, and those counseling them. Health Strategies are breed-specific recommendations and requirements developed by Health Strategy Providers (HSPs) including kennel clubs, breed clubs, and veterinary organizations. Health strategies may encompass detailed descriptions of breed history and development, evidence/ statistics on conditions of interest, health/temperament screening suggestions or official programs, and more, depending on the breed, the HSP, the country, and/or specific organizations. 

    Depending on the breed, these Get a GRIHP! articles will include:

    • Breed nomenclature and description of types and characteristics
    • Health and welfare issues, including:
      • statistics on common and high risk conditions
      • available health, genetic and other screening tests that are recommended or required
    • Population statistics from various countries; statistics on trends in popularity
    • Management strategies and recommendations for owners and breeder,s as well as, resources to support veterinary-client communication.


    IPFD has published GRIHPs for 25 breeds to date, with more being developed for 2024. Learn more about the GRIHP initiative and view the collection of GRIHP articles here on







    IPFD Partners in ActionPartners in Action 2020.png










    • Calling dog owners in the USA: The Dog Aging Project is an innovative research initiative that brings together a community of dogs, owners, veterinarians, researchers, and volunteers to carry out the most ambitious canine health study in the world. The Dog Aging Project team will follow tens of thousands of companion dogs for ten years or more in order to identify the biological, lifestyle, and environmental factors that maximize healthy longevity. We expect to gain insights that will increase our ability to prevent, diagnose, and treat age-related diseases, thereby helping our dogs, and by extension, ourselves, live longer, healthier lives. Enroll your dog today!











    Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)Vet Record Article Genetic Diversity.png

    • In a recent Vet Record editorial, IPFD's Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) Project Director, Aimée Llewellyn-Zaidi, addresses genetic diversity and its role in selecting and breeding healthy pedigree dogs.
















    Spotlight 2020.png

    Register Now for the
    IPFD 5th International Dog Health Workshop
    “Partners in Dog Health”
    (13-15 June 2024, Helsinki, Finland)







    IPFD logoilla 800 x 800 päivitetty 19.2. v2.pngRegistration is open for the 5th IPFD International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW), co-hosted by IPFD and the Finnish Kennel Club. We’ve reserved a block of rooms at our venue, the Scandic Park Helsinki hotel, which can be booked during registration.

    As in previous years, the 5th IDHW will host leaders from the international canine health and welfare community including representatives from kennel clubs, veterinary groups, researchers, genetic test providers, insurance companies, welfare groups, and canine charities.

    Our planning committee has developed an outstanding program that addresses some of the most pressing issues and challenges within the dog world. Under the overarching workshop theme, “Partners in Dog Health”, our breakout session themes  include:

    ·         Supply and Demand

    ·         Breeding for Health and Well-being

    ·         Big Data

    ·         Does the colour matter? Defining Breed vs Variety

    Detailed Theme descriptions, along with an IDHW Program Overview, Goals & Outcomes, Speakers, and Preliminary Schedule are posted on



    Seath 10.jpg



    Call for Poster Presentations
    We invite all participants to present a poster to facilitate information transfer and foster networking opportunities. Posters will be displayed from the Thursday registration until Saturday lunch.
    Click here for details and submission requirements.






    The 5th IDHW immediately follows the 12th International Conference on Canine and Feline Genomics (9-12 June), which takes place just around the corner from our venue, the Scandic Park Helsinki hotel. By scheduling the workshop in conjunction with the ICCFGG, we aim to help minimize travel time and costs for those who wish to attend both events.


    The 5th International Dog Health Workshop is the premier international event to share information, build collaborations, and take actions to support and improve canine health and welfare, as well as a time to celebrate IPFD’s 10th Anniversary and reflect on what we’ve accomplished with our partners in dog health over the past decade.

    We hope to see you in Helsinki!


    5th IDHW Quick Links:
    Program Overview, Goals & Outcomes, Themes, Speakers, & Schedule
    Registration and Accommodations
    Poster Submissions
    Registration/Hotel - Finnish Kennel Club   |  IDHW Program - Aimée Llewellyn-Zaidi or Katariina Mäki


    Important Note on Workshop Dates/Location:
    We previously announced the date/location as 13-16 June in Espoo, Finland. The dates and location have been revised to 13-15 June in Helsinki to better accommodate our delegates and workshop program.






    Get involved tile.jpg


    Join IPFD in our global, multi-stakeholder effort to enhance dog health, well-being, and welfare!

    • Individual Contributors: Are you a breed expert and/or involved in a dog club for your breed? Would you like to share information from your kennel club, breed club, or country on
    • Canine Organizations: Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other key stakeholders in the global dog community by formally supporting IPFD and our important work.


    Learn More About Opportunities
    for Collaboration with IPFD







    Make a Donation

    IPFD is truly a "people driven" service organization. We allocate the bulk of our financial resources to maintain a small but dedicated team of consultants to manage our modest resources and facilitate the activities of our stakeholders, with the aim of achieving our collective goals.

    You can specify how your donation is used (support IPFD and its programs and activities OR support the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs). All donations are handled securely via PayPal.


    Select one of the options below to make a donation now.













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