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Did you find our content interesting or helpful? Help support the IPFD enhance health, well-being and welfare for dogs everywhere.

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  • The International Partnership for Dogs

    The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) is a non-profit organization leading a global, multi-stakeholder effort to enhance dog health, well-being, and welfare.

  • ~ Invitation: Breed Experts | Health Committee Members | Canine Organizations ~

      Join IPFD in our global, multi-stakeholder effort to enhance dog health, well-being, and welfare!
      View Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals | Learn More About IPFD


      Individual Contributors: Are you a breed expert and/or involved in a dog club for your breed? Would you like to share information from your kennel club, breed club, or country on

      A key goal of is to promote and facilitate international collaboration through the sharing of information on dog health and welfare issues.


      Step 1: Become an IPFD Member (as an individual)
      IPFD Members have expanded access to content including our partner organizations' work on breed management strategies, articles, and health data on breeds in many countries around the world. Members can participate in Member Forums, may comment on material, and will receive email announcements and links to our DogWellNet Digest e-newsletter.

      • Sign up here to become an IPFD Member - it's quick, easy, and free. Need help?
      • Please fill in your Member Profile, so IPFD and other members of our community can learn more about your contributions to the dog world.  


      Step 2: Contact us to let us know you would like to contribute content

      • Who?  We are especially keen to connect with Breed Club or other Health Committee representatives or others looking at health and breeding issues. 
      • Why?  Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of expertise and resources and to profile the good work done being done throughout the dog world.
      • What?  Have a look through the information in our Pedigree Breeds Database to see the types of information we are compiling. Please let us know if you have breed-specific information to share - links, health surveys, seminar presentations, breed management strategies (e.g., RAS and JTO), research papers/projects, etc.
      • How?  Contact us herehere or at




      Canine Organizations: Stand Shoulder-to-Shoulder with other key stakeholders in the global dog community

      The dog world is in need of a global organization to harmonize health improvement strategies for canines worldwide, and breeders, veterinarians, owners, and others would benefit immensely from greater access to breed-specific data and scientific literature.

      IPFD is uniquely positioned to meet this need. Our supporting partners include national kennel clubs, academic institutions, veterinary organizations, and other key stakeholders from around the world under the following categories:

      Contributing Partners: Founding, Initiating and other Partners contributing financially to IPFD
      Collaborating Partners: Organizations or individuals providing funds and in-kind support to specific IPFD initiatives
      Sponsors: Organizations or individuals providing funds and in-kind support to specific IPFD initiatives (e.g., Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs, IPFD Virtual Meetings/International Dog Health Workshops)


      If your organization would like to discuss opportunities for formally supporting IPFD and our important work, please contact us here or at






  • Our Signature Work


    Our Platform -


   is the online platform for IPFD and is a curated information hub as well as housing resources to support actions by IPFD and its Partners and Collaborators.




    International Dog Health Workshops



    The IPFD's signature events, the IDHWs bring together decision makers from professional, regulatory, national and regional, welfare and other organisations that are stakeholders in dog health, well-being and welfare and human-dog interactions under the tagline 'From Information and Collaboration to Action'. The 5th IDHW takes place 13-15 June 2024, in Helsinki, Finland and will be co-hosted by the Finnish Kennel Club.




    Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Database


    The HGTD Database catalogs information provided voluntarily from genetic test providers (GTPs) including information on their company and services, quality measures and expertise, tests offered and more. We are continually engaging more GTP participants. IPFD has collated and assembled existing and new resources for genetic counselling and education and provided the foundation for further developments.




    Health Strategies Database for Dogs


    The HSDD Database includes breed-specific health/mentality testing requirements and recommendations established by Health Strategy Providers (HSPs) including kennel clubs, breed clubs, veterinary organizations, and others.



    Pedigree Breeds Database



    As of March 2024, our Pedigree Breeds Database lists 184 breeds. Information includes breed standards, population data, club newsletters, breed databases, videos and much more. Sections on Native Breeds and Additional Resources including Agria Breed Profiles; Globally Relevant Integrated Health Profile (GRIHP) articles, which describe the Big Picture of health on (all) conditions that are of interest within a breed; and associated IPFD WSAVA Meet the Breed articles are available. Many thanks to breed experts and clubs who share information on their breed with the Community.




    IPFD ANNUAL REPORT 2022 - Cover.png




    Download IPFD's 2022 Annual Report: A New Chapter



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