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    Spotlight 2020.png

    logo final.jpgUPDATE:
    IPFD 5th International Dog Health Workshop





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    animals-1517642_640.jpgDid You Know....?

    The 5th International Dog Health Workshop immediately follows the 12th International Conference on Canine and Feline Genomics (9-12 June, 2024), which takes place just around the corner from our venue, the Scandic Park Helsinki hotel. By scheduling the workshop in conjunction with the ICCFGG, we aim to help minimize travel time and costs for those who wish to attend both events.

    See the Spotlight feature below for important updates on the 5th IDHW.




    News & Highlights

    Blog Posts

    • In her latest blog entry, IPFD's Katariina Mäki presents a summary of a Nordic collaboration study aiming to reveal if there is enough phenotypic and genotypic variation to breed for a change in anatomy and predisposition for Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS).


    • In a previous entry, Katariina summarizes a new research paper from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences exploring the awareness & experiences of health issues related to the physical appearance of brachycephalic breeds (includes link to full paper).




    Breeds Resources

    This month, we feature American Staffordshire Terriers

    a5e52628b9ac4230ffb7b447b8f14915b968a373.webpBrief Description: The American Staffordshire Terrier, known to their fans as AmStaffs, are stocky, muscular bull-type terriers standing 17 to 19 inches at the shoulder. AmStaffers describe their dogs as keenly aware of their surroundings, game for anything, and lovable 'personality dogs' around the house. AmStaffs like mental and physical challenges. They are highly trainable, as their many forays into showbiz suggest. When acquiring an AmStaff, there's only one way to go: Do your homework and find a responsible breeder.

    Source: American Kennel Club




    IPFD has published a NEW Globally Relevant Integrated Health Profile (GRIHP) for the Amstaff: Get a GRIHP! on American Staffordshire Terriers. This article  is part of a series highlighting the Big Picture of health, welfare, and breeding and to help develop Globally Relevant Integrated Health Profiles (GRIHPs) for many breeds. Learn more about IPFD's Get a GRIHP! on Breed Health Initiative.




    Quick Links to IPFD/DogWellNet Resources for the American Staffordshire Terrier:







    IPFD Partners in ActionPartners in Action 2020.png

    • IPFD Partner Agria Speaks Out on Animal Health Care Sustainability
      There are reports from many countries about the high costs of veterinary care and the impact on owners and pets. Well-known challenges in the veterinary sector include staffing problems, mental health, and addressing demands for care.

      image001.pngAgria Animal Insurance in Sweden, one of IPFD’s Initiating Partners, reports that results of their digital survey show a vast majority of animal owners are worried about the increased costs of veterinary care, and this has led to some avoiding medical care for their pet. Obviously, this is a complex multi-stakeholder problem. Agria is taking steps to address the situation from their side and is calling on the veterinary profession and government to embrace their responsibilities. They also note that pet owners also have responsibilities to ensure they can provide appropriate care. Source article (Swedish)





    Spotlight 2020.png

    IPFD 5th International Dog Health Workshop

    “Partners in Dog Health”
    (13-15 June 2024, Helsinki, Finland)

    Extended Deadlines for Registration and Poster Submissions
    5th IDHW Sponsors
    Genetic Test Provider (GTP) Exhibitors
    IDHW Quick Links



    temp logo.jpg


    We're just over a month away from meeting face-to-face with our friends, colleagues, and fellow stakeholders in dog health, welfare, and well-being at the 5th International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW). The 5th IDHW offers a unique opportunity to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow leaders and decision makers from across the global dog community to address some of today’s most pressing issues and challenges in canine health, well-being, and welfare.

    Join our diverse group of stakeholders to gain insights from some of the dog world’s foremost experts and add your voice to the discussions that will establish priorities and action plans for international collaboration in the months and years to come.

    And, of course, reunite with longtime friends and colleagues as we celebrate IPFD’s 10th Anniversary and reflect on what we’ve accomplished together over the past decade.


    Detailed Theme descriptions, along with an IDHW Program Overview, Goals & Outcomes, Speakers, and Preliminary Schedule are posted here.


    We thank all who have already registered. Watch your email for more details to come on pre-meeting reading materials for your selected breakout session theme and your stay in Helsinki.





    ***Registration Deadline Extended until 31 May, 2024***


    Important Note on Booking Accommodations:
    You can book your accommodations at a discounted rate during workshop registration before Monday 13 May. As of 13 May, accommodations must be booked directly with the Scandic Park Helsinki Hotel here.


    (Registration available in English and Finnish)





    Seath 10.jpg

    Call for Poster Presentations

    We invite all participants to present a poster to facilitate information transfer and foster networking opportunities. Posters will be displayed from the Thursday registration until Saturday lunch.

    Click here for details and submission requirements.

    ***We still have spaces available, so the poster submission deadline has been extended to Friday, 17 May***




    5th IDHW Sponsors

    We thank our generous sponsors for helping to make the 5th International Dog Health Workshop possible. Please click on a logo to learn more about them:


    Agria_Standalone_Logo_RGB.jpg          Mars_Petcare_logo.jpg           LOGO RC CORPO_300dpi.jpg





    Meet Our Genetic Test Provider (GTP) Exhibitors

    The 5th IDHW will feature several exhibit tables where Genetic Test Providers (GTPs) will show their support for IPFD and dog health while promoting their testing services and research and offering advice to leaders and decision makers from our global canine community

    The exhibit tables will be located within the Poster Display area, conveniently adjacent to the coffee break/cocktail reception area to encourage mingling and networking.

    Attention Genetic Test Providers: A few spaces are still available. Please contact Aimée Llewellyn-Zaidi to reserve your table.


    Our current exhibitor list includes:



    CombiBreed logo white space.jpgCombiBreed® offers a diverse array of DNA tests, including those tailored for dogs. Our primary goal is to actively contribute to and invest in the enhancement of animal health and well-being.

    We extend our support to breeders, pet owners, and kennel clubs, collaborating closely with them in the realm of animal care. With extensive experience collaborating with kennel clubs and stud books, we specialize in conducting tests such as parentage verification and assessment of hereditary traits.

    These tests serve as invaluable tools to assist breeders and kennel clubs in optimizing their breeding programs. More information about CombiBreed can be found at






    2016- LOGO RC-VERTICAL LOCK UP-Logos-000006.jpgROYAL CANIN® is part of the Royal Canin Division in the Mars, Incorporated group, and a global leader in Health Through Nutrition for cats and dogs fulfilling its Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

    Its ambition is to go beyond providing science-based, precise nutritional solutions. This entails working together with stakeholders including breeders, pet owners, veterinarians, governments, and industry bodies to create an environment that nurtures and creates optimal health and well-being for cats and dogs.

    Today the entire pet ecosystem is facing two key, interrelated challenges: a rise in illegal pet trade and extreme breeding.

    This is why ROYAL CANIN® developed CHOOSE HEALTH, a collaborative program of activities dedicated to fighting these two complex challenges. The initiative focuses on driving responsible pet ownership and responsible breeding, for a world that puts pet health first over physical appearance.





    wisdom.jpgWISDOM PANEL® is part of the Science & Diagnostics Division at Mars Petcare and is the leading genetic testing provider globally having tested over 4+ million pets. Wisdom Panel offers a complete portfolio of genetic tests for pet parents, breeders, and veterinarians, supporting the health and wellbeing of cats and dogs.

    With over 20+ years experience in genetic research, Wisdom Panel is proud to have supported kennel clubs and breeders to optimise their breeding programs with our pioneering breeder panel tests MyDogDNA™ and MyCatDNA™ which are highly accessible and a cost-effective way to genetically screen our pets.

    We provide 270+ genetic health disorder tests including Optigen prcd-PRA and Collie Eye Anomaly, 50+ trait tests, genetic diversity, DNA profiling and parentage analysis (coming soon) all in a single panel test.

    For more information visit





    IPFD thanks our exhibiting GTPs for supporting IPFD and the 5th International Dog Health Workshop!






    5th IDHW Quick Links:
    Program Overview, Goals & Outcomes, Themes, Speakers, & Schedule
    Scandic Park Helsinki Hotel
    (If booking accommodations 13 May or later)
    Poster Submissions
    Registration - Finnish Kennel Club   |  IDHW Program - Aimée Llewellyn-Zaidi or Katariina Mäki







    Get involved tile.jpg


    Join IPFD in our global, multi-stakeholder effort to enhance dog health, well-being, and welfare!

    • Individual Contributors: Are you a breed expert and/or involved in a dog club for your breed? Would you like to share information from your kennel club, breed club, or country on
    • Canine Organizations: Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other key stakeholders in the global dog community by formally supporting IPFD and our important work.


    Learn More About Opportunities
    for Collaboration with IPFD







    Make a Donation

    IPFD is truly a "people driven" service organization. We allocate the bulk of our financial resources to maintain a small but dedicated team of consultants to manage our modest resources and facilitate the activities of our stakeholders, with the aim of achieving our collective goals.

    You can specify how your donation is used (support IPFD and its programs and activities OR support the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs). All donations are handled securely via PayPal.


    Select one of the options below to make a donation now.













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