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The Kennel Club -- BVA -- Health Schemes

    Breed specific statistics -- 2015 Reports


    The BRITISH VETERINARY ASSOCIATION (BVA) and the Kennel Club have published updated results for the Hip Dysplasia (116 KB PDF) and Elbow Dysplasia (105 KB PDF) Schemes. The results for both schemes show a steady reduction in the incidence and severity of the two conditions, and underline the value of the schemes to dog breeding and welfare. The results will be updated on an annual basis.

    bva-kchealth-schemes.jpgHips - Data collected 1st November 1999 to 31st October 2014


    "Hip scores should be considered along with other criteria as part of a responsible breeding programme, and it is recommended that breeders choose breeding stock with hip scores around and ideally below the breed median score, depending on the level of HD in the breed. It is also recommended that hip scores of parents, grandparents and siblings are considered (available for K.C. registered dogs via the Health Test Result finder on the Kennel Club’s online health tool Mate Select – For further advice on the interpretation and use of hip scores see

    The breed median score is the score of the ‘average’ dog in that breed (i.e. an equal number of dogs in that breed  have better and worse scores)."


    Elbows - Data collected to 31st December 2014


    Tables show ED results for all breeds that have been tested in the last 15 years broken down by breed and grade (both numerically and as a percentage).


    For more information visit BVA Health Schemes.





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