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    Summary International Collaborative on Extreme Conformations in Dogs members online meeting 23rd of September 2021

    "Currently, ICECDogs is focusing on supporting national and regional multistakeholder groups and international stakeholders engaged in the issues raised by extreme conformation in dogs. On the 23rd of September 2021, ICECDogs held its second online members’ meeting. It was attended by representatives from Kennel Clubs, Veterinary Associations, Authorities, Industry, and multistakeholder groups from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, and Sweden.

    We explored how we could move forward together on minimizing the negative welfare impacts from extremes of conformations and how to promote moderate, healthy conformations in dogs. "

    Download file: 211103 Summary International Collaborative on Extreme Conformations in Dogs members meeting September 2021 final version (1).docx

  • For more information about the ICECDogs, and to inquire how to become a member, partner organization or member of the expert panel, please contact an ICECDogs board member here.

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